Friday, September 14, 2012

Out of range...........

Hello my lovely wee sweet-peas from two squirrels who have had no coverage to show you what we have been up to. I think this is going to happen on this wee adventure.
So this post is filled with all kinds of random snippets of the last few days. 
Starting with tonights tea in Hampden on the east coast where we are staying tonight, I can hear the waves crashing as I write this post. The best fish n chips, yummy melt in your mouth blue-cod.
Then some lovely pics of all the snow that was on the mountains in Bannockburn, oh it was cold.
Basil was at his modeling best!!!!!
We were going to stay in St Bathans next, near the blue lake (pics with mr doggie) but the camping ground had no power and just loos. With the forecast saying more snow we decided not to risk it.
Where would Basil take us???????

Naseby in the Maniototo is the place we have been for the last two nights.
We just loved it!!!
The camping ground "Larchview" was set in this wonderful forrest and it was just blissful.
We sat in the sun (Warren had a pie with sauce and the flowers I just picked) and did lots of walking around the town talking about the future and daydreaming.
On our first night we stood for ages looking up at the night sky, so clear, the stars were exquisite.

Lets hope we can keep posting over the next few days.

love V&W


  1. Oh I just loved seeing the photos of Blue Lake. St Bathans is amazing. Your journey is just wondeful, I am enjoying reading your posts so much. Aren't we lucky to have such a beautiful country?

  2. I have stayed in that camping ground so cute x

  3. Gosh what a glorious place - so beautiful! You're making me so jealous... and hungry :)

    Nikki x

  4. wow, it looks so perfect, you lucky things xxx

  5. Oh my your chips look like English chips - how I miss them since moving. It looks like you've certainly made a new friend in the doggie - he looks very happy to see you!

  6. Amazing places and you both are at your modeling best! I love you in the overalls and ponytails and the green dress is stunning!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Oh what gorgeous photos! I just love the thought of you and Warren talking about what the future may hold for the Squirrels and then stargazing hand-in-hand. See, there IS a smidge of romance in me after all! xxxx

  8. breathtaking - i love your adventures so much - i feel like i am having the adventure too! x

  9. Ilove reading about adventures! Amazing photos:) Kisses;*