Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's time to let this year fly away!!!!

As you know this year has been one that we would like to forget, but it will forever be a year in which our world was tipped upside down. I have cried so many tears and have said goodbye to many things I have loved so dearly.
The sadness has been at times heartbreaking and I find an emptiness inside myself.
But as a fairy in the Forrest I must see the magic in the little things and spread my wings to catch the breeze and fly again.
With the light of a new year, I look to the future with a flicker of hope and love in my heart. Happiness.......
May this year be filled with it for you all. With love Vanessa & Warren xxxxx
"Happy 2012"

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Welcome Miss Pansy

Hello sweet-peas!!!! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas day and Santa brought you fabulous vintage treasures.
This was one of my favourite Christmas presents. Warrens mum & dad gave me this wonderful vintage bike, called Miss Pansy, isn't she cute!!!!! I was just so thrilled, they gave me her to replace Miss Ruby, my pink bike I lost when two squirrels was demolished in the city.
I spent most of the day riding around the streets ringing my bell.
My Christmas day dress was a remake from a very damaged 50's dress, the fabric is just beautiful and I was so happy to save her.
I hope to have time to catch up on all you fabulous blogs soon. Happiness to you!!!! Love Vanessa

Friday, December 23, 2011

Magic lollipop wand stop the shakes.....

Hey sweet-peas this post is nothing like I had planned for the last day in the nest for the year!!!!!!
As you may know we have had another series of very large earthquakes here today and they were so horrible. I am still a little shaken even now.
It has rocked the fragile wee spirits of all of us and I am sad that we all are so scared again.
So all I can say is please please stay safe and well over this Christmas period!!
The biggest furry squirrel hug to you all and may the rest of the year be filled with love and happiness.
Thank you for all your kind comments and best wishes, you really have helped us through some very sad times.
Merry Christmas
Love Vanessa & Warren

Thursday, December 22, 2011

So let's talk!!!

I have on my serious glasses to talk about the next stage of the squirrels!!
Some of you clever poppets have seen we are going to be cyber squirrels next year, yip an on-line shop!!!!
This is a big step for me as I have always only wanted the direct contact with where our treasure was going, but since the squashing of the shops I am faced with a new and exciting reality.
We are hoping to be up and running in a few months time if all goes well.(will keep you posted!)
Anyway on to these fab glasses I brought at the mission shop, when I dropped a Christmas present off to the gorgeous ladies I used to work with.
I can't see you sweet-peas they are as strong as hell and you are all fuzzy. I think I will have the lens removed.
The stripe jersey knit dress was a trade me buy way back in March, it's taken till now to fit the chubby squirrel.
Bunny brooch with pretty sparkles which is a reflection of the flowers in the garden.
Lovely to chat.
love V

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oh oh more celebration!!!!!!


Lovely wee followers!!!!
I lay out 100 nuts on the garden path to represent the very long and interesting journey we have been on over the last 10 months, and wow what a crazy nutty journey it's been!!!!!!
Thank you so much to all our fabulous readers, we are just nuts about you!!
I am wearing the dress I wore in the Frankie "Spaces" magazine to also say a thank you to the gorgeous Frankie team for featuring the two squirrels on there blog. Incredibly kind.
So a day to reflect and jump for joy!!

Fuzzy furry squirrels
Vanessa &Warren

Monday, December 19, 2011


Last night I had the most wonderful get together with my very dearest friends.
It was so special to spend this time and reflect on a year that has seen our lives change so much since the earthquakes. Lots of sad things have happened but this was all put aside for laughter, wonderful conversion, yummy food and festive drinks. I feel so very blessed to have theses amazing ladies in my life.
As host, I so had to have a new vintage dress, enter this beautiful linen dress I brought from the gorgeous Lorelei at her fabulous relocated shop in Sumner "Milou".
I set up the table under the trees in the backyard but it was so cold we only had a drinks and nibbles there before returning inside for the main course and presents by the fire.
Happiness is time with friends at Christmas......
Love Vanessa


To honor an amazing women and beautiful artist, ode to Frida Kahlo.
As soon as I found this dress in an op-shop a few weeks ago I was transported to the images of Frida's paintings and some of the photographs taken of her.
Her story and her incredible strength always inspire's me. My gorgeous friend Katherine has lent me a book "Self portrait in a velvet dress" Frida's wardrobe, it is the most magnificent insight to her legendary style.
A quote from the book:
One's wardrobe reveals one's politics;
it is the story one lives by;
it is one's symbolic self.
Honore De Balzac.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Ladies in waiting!!!!

This is a sneak peek at my "ladies in waiting", they are the dresses waiting to have there first wear. I always like to have a special occasion to start there adventure with me. Then I realized that that's what all the dresses and treasures are in the shop, they waiting to start a new adventure with a new owner.
Now which one of these is for the Christmas party, Christmas day and then my birthday???? Happiness is pretty dresses in waiting.....
Love Vanessa

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Caramel cardigan.

I was once told you should never wear brown and black together, but I seem to quite often. So if I am breaking some fashion rule, it's not brown but Caramel. It sounds more yummy anyway.
Today was message day, as we are open at the nest till Christmas eve day.
Look above for the hours sweet-peas.
Wearing today
-knit cardigan from vintage shop
-Laura Ashley dress(retail eeeek)
-mens 70's bow tie worn as a brooch
-school satchel on loan for day(two squirrels vintage)
-mens hat Tete a Tete vintage
-leather shoes op-shopped
Ok off to iron some great new things for the shop. Yeah!!!!
Love Vanessa

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A little blue butterfly.

Hello sweet-peas, what a gorgeous day today, so so warm.
We went to town today to do the last of the Christmas shopping.
It was perfect to wear a 50's cotton floral dress and my favourite blue (minx)shoes. Matched nicely with a wicker green handbag and the cute wee lapis lazuli earrings I brought at a garage sale on Saturday.
Little butterfly(Vanessa means butterfly) in the backyard.