Friday, August 30, 2013


Hi Sweet-peas.....

Oh thank you for all the great comments on the secret squirrel stuff........not long to go till we can tell all......

Today was the most wonderful sunny spring day which meant I could wear the cute wee pinafore dress that the beautiful NZ traveling Leisa (vintage bird girl) gave me last Friday.
Yay.....a safety-pin......pinafore.......just perfect.
Worn with the super green grass jacket I got at 'Box of Birds' in Port Chalmers yesterday, I had been dreaming of Miss Green Grass after seeing her weeks pleased she stayed for my return.
Look at all the other scrumptious treasures I was given from spoilt.
Thank you sweet.
Ahhhhh 'Holly Hobbie'.....I had a denim bag with that picture on when I was little, I wish I still had it.

May your weekend be filled with green grass, spring sunshine and dreams of your childhood.

love V

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Reports are coming in..........

Hi Sweet-peas......

We have been hearing whispers coming out of 'Squirrel Headquarters' at  'St Biddies' that those pesky squirrels may have cracked a code. They are up to something!!!
Word has it that they will be sharing this break through at the 
on the 7th of September,
Stay turned.


Your nuts......


love V&W

Sunday, August 25, 2013

When squirrels meet birds............

Hi Sweet-peas....

Oh so much happiness.......
The blossom is blooming and the chance to wear a dress with out a cardigan happened on Thursday in Dunedin. My poor old 50's dress has seen better days, I think she is about ready to go into retirement. I bought her when we first took over Tete A Tete, back in 2005. Its funny I never really liked the pattern but she became an old faithful, poor things looking her age.....a bit like her owner.

Then so much excitement at St Biddies on Friday as the truly lovely Leisa, aka Vintage Bird Girl, and her wonderful husband Paul(the Captain) came for lunch. To finally meet was such a treat, we lunched outside, wandered around the garden, and enjoyed the beautiful day.
Lots of vintage and op-shopping stories were much fun.
Pretty treasures excited to show them soon.
Just a fabulous day filled with happiness.

love V

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Picnic Pixie............

Hi Sweet-peas......

Oh so much tripping around for the squirrels this week!!!!
We were in Invercargill today dropping off some artwork to the 'City Gallery' and sorting out a few secret squirrel things.
Lunch was a picnic at Queens Park, sitting on a tree stump eating sandwiches and drinking from the cutest green cups ever.....I felt like a little pixie. These wonderful plastic delights and a crazy little china squirrel arrived in the post last week from the truly wonderful 'Op-shop Mama'. I had admired them in one of her amazing op-shop show and tells and she kindly sent them as the most wonderful surprise.
Thank you sweet.........I just love them.   

Since I am sitting on a tree stump, I just had to show you the photo I took of Mr Trouser last week sitting on the tree stump we use as a coffee table stump thing.

Yip that is one happy cat sitting in the early morning sunlight......aaaahhhh!!!

Happiness to you from a 'Picnic Pixie' and a sun worshipping Furry Trousers.

Love V 

Monday, August 19, 2013

A day of Frock Stars..........

Hi Sweet-peas.....

From an exhausted little squirrel......
Oh my gosh yesterday was such a wonderful experience.......
I was just blown away by the truly amazing entries from ALL the lovely poppets who had put so much time, creativity, and love into transforming some sad little frocks into pure beauty.
It was so hard to select the winners in each of the categories, but I had to be strong and look at all the aspects of each creation.
Spending all day with the beautiful Lu who is the fabulous organizer and creator be hide 'Frock Stars' was inspiring and magical.....she really is a amazing lady.
Pop over to the Frock Stars FB page and have a look at all the entries and winners.
Lu and I are holding the overall winner
Rashaedah from Christchurch.
When you see the original frock and the final result that is just so pretty and beautifully just had to be the STAR 'Frock Star'.
Congratulations sweet.
Warren and I want to thank Lu and the Frock star team for asking us to be part of such a fabulous event, BP in Fairlie for helping the squirrels to get there and the lovely Kathleen and John at Aorangi Motels for hosting us on Saturday night.

Am I entering next can bet your cotton socks I will be.

Love V

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Little 'Frockstar' journey........

Hi Sweet-peas.....

I am beside myself with is time to judge the wonderful 'Frockstar' competition in Fairlie, this weekend.
We left yesterday and stopped at all our favourite op-shops, vintage and junk-shops along the way......oh what fun.
We stayed in Timaru last we were up bright and early to get on the road again....I wore the tan brogues I found at the OUSA markets on Thursday and the fabulous nana knit cardy from the Hospice shop in Milton for the first  time........Oh rats.....a little mouse hole in the sleeve which I missed when I washed it.
Coffee in Fairlie and meeting the truly beautiful and gorgeous Lu....who is the amazing organizer and inspiration that is "Froskstars'.......happy happy times.
Sleep time now for this wee squirrel.........tomorrow we see all the creative wonderfulness that is 

love V

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Spring flowers my sweet.............

Hi Sweet-peas.......

The sweet smell and happy colour of spring flowers always seems to make you feel lighter and shed the winter layers. Even with a wee chill in the air it was lovely to pop on this fabulous  'Pat Rogers' navy chiffon was a great find at the red cross shop in Balclutha months ago, she has patiently been hanging in the wardrobe waiting to come out and play.

Since we are in the mood to shed things we are going to be at the fantastic 
 perfect for a spring-clean of vintage treasure........we hope to have some exciting news on the next chapter for the squirrels to........shhhh its secret squirrel time again.

Look at that mad cat........Trousers hanging in the tree.....snigger.

Love V