Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Cape Crusade........


Oh my gosh the 
were taken back a little and maybe not quite ready for the 
chain of events that has happened since we put 
St Biddies on the market.

She was under contract in less than a week which meant our 
'lets start a new adventure in Dunedin'
 was put into crazy, nutty, better find a home and lease over drive.

Lucky this squirrel was ready to use her
vintage super powers......cape and all, to start the hunt.

We have purchased the Dunedin Railway Station.....
tee hee.....just kidding.
Truthfully I wish we could.
Its so beautiful.

'Secret Squirrel'
we have found a place and now its
all about timing.

We will keep you posted.


Vanessa & Warren

PS......if you think you need some 'vintage super powers'
we have another amazing 60's green cape listed on 
Trade Me just like the one I am wearing.

may not actually have super powers....
but you will look 
super stylish....


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

They lived in a Church......

Many times we have had people say to us.....
'It must be a dream come true to live in a beautiful church'

The reality is, it has.......

This amazing little haven has been magical, heavenly, restful, happy, calming,
and truly a wonderful experience.
We have loved her and she will always be an important part of
the tapestry of both Warren's and my life.

We live in a Beautiful Church on top of the hill.....

But now its time to start another adventure in a new reality.

Love and happiness always

Vanessa & Warren

St Brigids is now listed on Trademe, 

And we have started a Facebook photo album of additional photos 
that we will be adding to over the next few weeks.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Industrial discoveries.....

Today the 'Squirrels' went exploring in the
fabulous industrial area of Dunedin.
Amazing buildings and spaces,
bricks and mortar housing all kinds of Industry.
Raw and rugged......

Vanessa & Warren