Friday, May 31, 2013


Hello sweet-peas.....

A wee post before the weekend...

A little mad "gum-nut" wooly hatters party in the winter trees.....

Mr Trouser decided since the seat was vacate he would join me in the orchard for tea and cake......
Lucky Mr Warren came along before we gobbled it all up.....
Scruffy Mr Foxy was just happy to watch over the fun.
Hmmm the snow may have sent this little squirrel a bit nutty.....

Now because I have just too many coats and all manor of winter treasures that I just don't wear or fit anymore, we are going to the "Vintage Roundup Market" next weekend and hoping to sell them to some new homes for Winter.

Winter is coming.......

so if you can, come along.

Have a perfect poppet weekend!

Love V 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Where are my favourite mittens?????

Why hello my little sweet-peas.......

When you have cold little fingers you need to run back inside and pull your wardrobe apart to find the perfect little mittens which you knew were hiding in a very secret mitten hiding place.
My lovely friend Katherine gave me these mittens a few years ago and I think they are the best wooly hand covers EVER!!!
I wish they could talk to me......hmmm madness.

Anyway look at "Sir Stag" brooch, who is all proud as can be on my fluffy collar.......
The truly gorgeous "Vintage bird girl" made this with her clever wee hands and sent it in a parcel of treasures......I think he is just perfect too!

Thank you sweet!

Love V 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

We have snow.........

Hi Sweet-peas.....

From the very very snowy "St Biddies".........

It was a duffle coat day with lots of layers, wool hat and boots......yip all snuggly.
Now lets go play!!!!!
I have taken so many lovely snowy photographs and you can't miss the pussy-cat in the snow.
Poor Mr Trouser didn't want to put his fluffy wee paws on the ground.

Happiness is a warm log fire.......
I'm off to stand far to close to it 

love V


Sunday, May 26, 2013

I think you are not what I thought........

Hi Sweet-peas.....

I am not sure but this fabulous striped blue dress I bought from Sallies in Mosgiel this week may actually be a night-shirt....oops.
I was saying to Warren how lovely the brush cotton fabric was when the penny dropped, oh well with the pussy-bow pinned on the front and a velvet jacket.....who would know?????
The little brooch is another of my creations, its a wee bunny sitting under a tree, sorry I should have taken a close-up.

Look at what came in the post.........
Eeeekkkk a truly yummy parcel of wonderful vintage treasures all the way from the lovely "Vintage Bird Girl", she was so kind. In the background is a pretty rose dress, brown gloves, a beautiful brown flower brooch, gingham breakfast cloth and little bobble hair tie.
But look in the centre......Miss VBG made the amazing stags brooch with her only little hands.....what a clever poppet.
I will be sharing with you soon a "Bird Girl" inspired outfit very soon.
Thank you sweetheart, it was so exciting opening the letterbox to a parcel.

Love V  

Thursday, May 23, 2013 nut!!!!

Hi lovely sweet-peas....

Oh thank you for all the very kind comments on my toothache......I am only now realizing how hazy I was feeling, the dull pain was giving me headaches and effecting sleep.

Talking about hazy brings me to "Hazelnuts" which I found at the bottom of our was so much fun discovering them on the ground. The poor old tree looks like it needs a little TLC, which next week will be attended to when we start pruning the fruit, oh and nut trees.

I also picked up the autumn leaves from the tree which matched my knit cardigan, named "cat sick cardy" but may have to be given a sweeter name like "hazel autumn leaves".
The little keyhole brooch is one I made last week using old wallpaper.
And since I gave you a peek at the table in the last post, this is the corner in which it sits.

Ok my little hazy nuts, go forth and have a truly wonderful day tomorrow.

Love V

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Toothache go away.................

Hi Sweet-peas......

Oh I have been feeling a bit yucky for the last few days(many days).......toothache!!!!!
Thank goodness I finally got into the dentist yesterday and he kindly filled the nasty big hole in one of my little munchers, which means I am starting to feel much better. 

Look at "Trouser" his cute wee eyes match my mustard wool cardigan......he was one very snotty
 pussy-cat to be picked up for a photo.
The scarf I am wearing was a present from my lovely lunch guest last weekend....Katherine.
She also gave me the sweet wee leather purse with acorns on it, I was super excited when I realised it matched my tooled leather handbag with acorns. That made this little squirrel very happy.
The table setting is from our lunch.....I was so busy chatting I forgot to get a photograph of the two of us, rats. But I did get a pic of the Ciabatta bread I made, Yip I made it and so can you, its so easy.
My gorgeous friend Christina has the most wonderful blog with all sorts of scrumptious things to make in the kitchen and around the home. 
If you want the recipe pop on over to:
Its a delight.

Love V

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Is there MUSHROOM in your basket..........

Hi my little mushrooms(sweet-peas).......

I was talking to our lovely neighbours, Vicki and Bill at the letterbox the other day when they told me they had a paddock filled with 
field- mushrooms.......
"If you want some just pop up and help yourself"
Do I what.......
Oh oh.....I was so excited.....I rushed inside grabbed a basket, put on my gumboots and collected some peppers and tomatoes to trade, kissed Warren goodbye, then ran down the road.
It was so much fun......I skipped all the way home grinning and swinging my basket like I was a five year old.
We cooked them up that night and they were so yummy.

Now the wee pinafore I am wearing was a find on the $2 racks at Toffs in Dunedin. It was down to my feet and had overall type buckles to attach the straps.
Out came the sewing-machine to shorten it and then replace the buckles with some cute fabric covered buttons with embroidery flowers. There you have it a perfect around the house/paddock, work pinafore all for $2 and a bit of time to "make it work".

Love V 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Little boxes in a row.........

Hello my little sweet-peas....

Oh don't you feel great when you finish something that you have been saying for years......
"I must one day sort that out"......well I have done just that.
Opening up boxes of all sorts of bits-n-pieces and putting them into little blue drawers with labels was a very big job.....but also exciting finding little treasures I have collected and squirreled away.
Now when I am making something its all at my finger tips....I hope.
In amongst the my items I found some old 50's broken hair-clips that I have been making into brooches, like the little fan I am wearing.
Next is the large.....hmmm huge collection of fabrics.
If you haven't heard from me in a while, it may be a good idea to send out a search party, complete with St Bernard and whiskey barrel.

love V