Saturday, July 30, 2011

Show and Tell

Here she is, the circle skirt I brought last night at the Antique Fair.
There was a mighty cold wind today but sometimes for "show and tell" you just have to pop on a summer skirt.
For more happiness it is the perfect peach twirly wirrly skirt.

Thumbs up?

Good one Miss V! You need to balance a twirl with a thumbs up.


Friday, July 29, 2011

Changed again!!!

Hmmm, mum was telling me yesterday I was a little monster for changing my outfit many times in a day.
Well nothing has changed!!!
This is my fourth outfit today.
Away into town to the Antique Fair at the Horticultural hall, Hagley Park.
Wearing a 70's crepe dress in the most lovely pinks and purples. Found a few weeks ago at a opshop, I am not sure where sorry sweet-peas.
Oh I got a great cotton 50's full circle skirt, nice peach colour from the fair.
Ok final change, PJ's, nite nite.

Dressing room

We have a dressing room!
Still a few things to hang but it's all in place.


I recovered the seat cover on the chair for the dressing room today.
I used a left over piece of fabric from one of my favourite dresses.

Off for a coffee.

School shoes

I have for along time wanted a pair of brown leather school style shoes!!!
Opshop buy, Mckinlays made in Dunedin, NZ. Yip happy with that.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


We have the most wonderful lemon tree, they are so yummy.
After the poor old tree being loaded with snow, I decided to pick this wonderful basket of goodness.

Rose in waiting.

This is the lovely rose my mum & dad gave us when the wee pussy passed last week.
I will put it on Morgans grave when the rest of the garden is ready.
It will be so nice to mark the place with a beautiful rose.
We are missing her so much.


Oh after the most cold of days, today was so beautiful! Blue sky and sun shine. So I was in the garden most of the day. Planting a few strawberry plants that were covered in snow a few days ago.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More in the nest photo's

So after all the happiness of playing in the snow yesterday and then sitting by the fire watching DVD's. We had to be good squirrels and work on the nest today.
This is me about to pop out to look at hooks for the dressing room.
I'm not sure if I have talked about this coat before??? I brought it at a garage sale a few weeks ago for $1. It was pretty dirty but to good to leave. Price & quality. Well with a good hand wash and a few repairs(still needs a button) here she is. Love that old English look today, just need a corgie doggy.Spiffing!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Off to Market

We walked to the farmers market in town today.
So cold and now as I post this it is snowing outside!!
Oh please please be a blanket of snow when we wake up.
Snow is so magical.

Golly Miss Molly it's cold!!!

Yes very red coat!

This is a great wool coat in the most gorgeous fire engine red.
I brought it from the lovely Andrea before she moved to Austin, USA.
I have taken furry collar off it, it felt alittle to much, and I am to short for big collars.

Another polka dot dress!!

I think I may need some help!
This is the other polka dot dress I got from Savemart.
Nylon and 80's, but ok to wear as a pinafore. Always great at this time of year, in the washing machine and dry over night.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Bunny fur hat!

It was so cold today. For my adventure into town I was rugged up, furry hat, oh so warm to wear.
I went to a few op-shops, not a great deal of treasure.
Did find another polka dot red dress at savemart, it's alittle big but will work with belt. Oh dear I have sooooo many polka dot dresses. Mad mad but happy mad!!!
Got two lovely knit cardy's too, nice as vintage but never worn.
Best find for day, wool jacket in pink and green check. Will show you sweetpeas when I've cleaned it.
Have a lovely weekend!

Grouse foot pin!

More sneaky peeks!

Last night we worked in the "Nest" getting the curtains and dressing room sorted. It's coming together and the room has a lovely feel.
Warren took these pics this morning, I had a day away by myself. I'm finding the house strange without wee pussy. We miss her so much.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Daisy boo into town!

We had the end of year books to sign at the accountants today. Hmm that was interesting to say the least considering the two business are now squashed.
Although it was great to talk over the next stage as Two squirrels makes a new nest to start again.
So close those books.
We are starting a new chapter, YES!

Summer dress/winter day!

Wearing today one of my favourite old 50's floral dresses. The fabric has such rich tones in golds, reds & browns.
So happy to be wearing my great find at Sallies a few weeks ago, it's a lovely soft pink 50's slip, it has gorgeous lace on the bottom. Pretty!

Always so much stuff!!

Sitting with Miss Boo!

Family bag!

Warren's mum Marie kindly gave me this great 60's vinyl bag.
It was Warren's Nanna Pilchers.
It's a great size and in my favourite of colours.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hey you!!!

Oh so much sad news on this poor wee blog!!!!!
Warren and I have had so many heartbreaking things happen over the last year, it has been hard to pull up the socks and carry on.
So tonight we decided on a date to open!
Two squirrels vintage will open on the 2nd of September, in the new nest!!! Secrets on time and location to come.
We have decided to start this new era under Two Squirrels Vintage and leave Tete a Tete vintage behind. The Shands emporium is so badly damaged we may never open there again.
So my sweetpeas pop that in the diary, and spread the word to all the vintage loving poppets.
Hugs to you all and thanks for all the lovely support. V&W

Monday, July 18, 2011


Today our wee pussy Morgan became a pussy with wings, she has gone to pussycat heaven.
I have had her for 17years and 5months, she has had a wonderful life and has been a wonderful furry friend, I will miss her so so much.
We are both so heartbroken!
I will be back in a few days sweetpeas, many tears and tissues to use. Love V

Goodbye our sweet wee pussy!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Nanna knit cardy

It was the most beautiful sunny day today. We went to the Farmers Market in Rangiora to get some veggies and yummy pastries.
It was so lovely to walk into town.
I decided to wear something more spring like, I am loving this red knit cardy.
Sorry I don't have more to say, so worried about the wee mugs pussy.

Love miss Morgan

Poor wee pussy cat! Morgan has been back at the vet over the weekend.
I pretty scared as she has been not eating or drinking.