Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The ears are back up........

This is my favourite hat, I love the wee ears on top and since I am feeling better it seems my ears are back up. Today I spent the day sorting out our books, as we have a new(2nd hand) bookcase. It's so hard to sort out books without wanting to sit and look through them, especially the vintage fashion ones. The space I am standing in is freshly painted and were the bookcase is now sitting.
When all the painting and rearranging of our wee house is done I will have to show all you sweet peas.
A few of you have asked about where we are heading once the house sells, we are hoping Dunedin but it's a case of seeing where the universe will take us.

Ok universe my ears are up......
give me a sign.......

love v

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Time......... Where are you??????

I feel like the last couple of weeks have been sucked in to some kind of vortex.
We have been busy wee squirrels working on the house and sorting out the garden.
Then to really put a spanner in the works I have been feeling yucky the last few days. 
The couch was my friend yesterday.
This is the pathway Mum and I finished last week. Perfect new photo spot.
The dress with the satchel size pockets is so comfortable, I bought it from a wee second hand shop in Rangiora. Worn with all op-shop finds head to toe.

Ok on the run from the vortex.

love v

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Moving on...........

Thank you for all the comments yesterday and a couple of questions that I need to answer.
The story is that after a year of uncertainty 
 We are "Moving on".
As I said yesterday we are putting the house on the market as soon as we can.
We are also winding up "Two Squirrels Vintage" in its current form. The blog, Facebook and Esty will continue but will transition into our new direction when we have settled.
I feel some sadness that we have come to this decision, but also feel excited to start a new adventure, its  time to make new dreams come true.
There will be a final "goodbye" sale in the nest before we go.
I hope that all you sweet peas will support us through this next stage as the friends and connections we have made through this love of vintage has been amazing.

love v 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Busy Little bumblebee!!!!!!

Hey sweet-peas, sorry life seems to be busy at the moment!!!
I have been in scruffs for days now as we have been doing lots of work on the house.
Overalls all the way!!!!
Tomorrow we are painting the kitchen and putting down a pathway.
This busy bumble bee activity is because we are putting our little house on the market soon.
Yip the squirrels are on the move!!!!

Oh I wanted to show you the wee treasure's I found when we went to a few garage sales on Saturday.
All this for $10.00, yip I was pretty happy.
The ring and oval brooch are both silver. 

love v

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Little post girl........

Oh my goodness it was so so cold here today the wind was cutting......Chop chop chop....
This wee red leaf dress was from my gorgeous friend Christina, sorry the pics aren't so good I was to cold to stand still.
 Aahhh better rugged up and off to the post to send some Etsy parcels with my
 little red satchel which is perfect.
Wearing on my coat a fabulous silver lobster brooch, it always makes me think of the beautiful Miss Mel at Vintage Coconut
Sitting here in front of a nice warm fire.....
Aaaaahh Winter is here wee Kiwi's

love v

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Old man pants...........

Yip I am wearing old man's cord pants, it was so cold on Friday morning (Mr Jack Frost was out playing) that I just had to wear trousers. Perfect attire for a wee trip to the Ohoka Farmers Market. I got lots of yummy veggies that just wanted to be photographed, look at the gorgeous colors.
I think I will make an old fashion veggie soup this week.
Winter soup time.

love v

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A dose of vintage dressing and lunch........

Since the shops got squashed I have missed the dressing up for work each day.
Winter was my favorite time because my love of great vintage coats was used in simply the best way, wearing them!!!!!
As a wee treat we went into town for lunch at " Dose" (yummy) and then to the movies.
I wore this splendid 60's houndstooth wool cape, 40's scarf, 40's tangerine cotton gloves and 70's nylon black dress. It was nice to be in vintage treasures warm and snugly.
We went to see "Dark Shadow" it was very cool, I just loved the 70's dressing, oh and Johnny Depp was well the best kind of vampire.

love v