Monday, March 25, 2013

Looking for light.......

Hi Sweet-peas.

Sorry I have been a little......well not feeling like posting, I just haven't felt like I have anything to say.
We have been so busy with sorting things out and adjusting to a new lifestyle in the country, its just so quiet and peaceful here.  I have been missing friends, which was always going to be part of the process. 

We did head into Dunedin last week for a few groceries, we packed our lunch tin and sat in the Octagon people watching. It was great to see all the busyness bustling around us, it really is a lovely city. I also had a wee op-shop and found a few treasures that I have been washing and repairing, so looking forward to showing you them soon.

I guess I am feeling a little flat, things have been a whirl wind of events for us and now its like "What next", I have so many ideas, I just need to get started.
I shall do as Mao pussycat has done and look for some light to get me underway.

love V

Monday, March 18, 2013

Meet me at the country fair.........

Hi Sweet-peas.

Oh what fun we had at the "Lawrence Country Fair"!!!!!

I decided to wear the blue rose dress I got in Dunedin at the "Vintage Round-up Market", nothing like a new vintage dress to help the confidence. I was a tad bit nervous and excited.
I was so happy that my very dear friend Katherine and her husband were down from Christchurch for the weekend and were able to come to the fair.  We had a wonderful time chatting and catching up, I do miss having such special people close by now. They also got to see "St Biddies" which was so lovely.
I also had the pleasure of meeting the lovely "Penny-rose",  she was wearing a gorgeous rose dress too, she looked so very pretty.
Then so many nice locals said hello and were all so welcoming.
So much meeting and greeting.....
My little heart was all warm and fuzzy.
A few vintage treasures found new homes before it bucketed down with rain, which did not matter at a bit as we had the perfect day at the......

Country Fair......

Love V

Friday, March 15, 2013

Blackbird pie..........

Hi Sweet-peas....

Out the back of St Biddies we have an orchard that is a bit neglected to say the least, that is the care for the trees.........not however by the pesky blackbirds!!!!!
For the last couple of weeks I have watched these little bandits eat most of what fruit is on the them.

Grrrr....... 4 and 20 blackbirds baked in a pie, sounds perfect.

Maybe I could sell them for a sixpence at the country fair on Sunday.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend eating bread and honey.......

love V

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pick me........

Hello Sweet-pea!!!

Many of you commented on the truly magnificent glass-house when we bought St Biddies, and I have to say it was one of the very big ticks on the wish list for a new home. I do think it was a big factor in making this our new home here. We are slowly giving it a wee clean up, I am sure there are spiders in here that have been living in the glasshouse since it was built. Eeeekkk.
I just love the smell and that heavy dewey air that wraps around you when you walk in and look what this little hot-house is producing........beautiful red ripe tomatoes!!!!
I just love tomatoes and it makes me so very sad that they do not love me, I get quite sick when I have them, so I am going to have to make something out of them which will make a great gift.

Now just so you don't think I put on a dress to match the glass-house to pick tomatoes, we went into town today to get a few groceries and some bits for the market on Sunday.
I am so excited, because of the big space in the house I have the whole stall set up as a practice, it was funny getting up this morning and seeing all the treasure waiting patiently for a new home on the mock stall.

The most happy thing happened in the supermarket, this lovely old gentleman came up to me and said......"Excuse me lady you look so very pretty in that dress", oh what a very kind gentleman, I was pretty chuffed. 

love V

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bits and Bobs from St Biddies..............

Hi Sweet-peas....

Oh my the week has gone by so very fast, we both have experienced that feeling of total exhaustion.
We have been so busy getting rooms painted, wood stacked, furniture moved and gardening.
There is just so much more we want to do before winter comes a knocking.

On Saturday we decided to head to Dunedin to pick up a few things for the next lot of projects and to go to the "Vintage Round-up Market". There was a real autumn feel in the air, perfect for the little mustard knit cardigan I bought from the "Vintage Cupboard". 
Well, the market was great and as much as I had told myself not to buy anything, the most gorgeous blue rose 50's cotton dress just had to come home with me. She is just so pretty!!!!
We had a fabulous day in the city, going out for lunch and mooching around.

Now since this is a "Bits and Bobs" post.....

*The fabulous tree tapestry cushion on the green settee, was a purchase especially for "St Biddies". We bought it from the truly lovely Anna who has taken over "Tiger Lily" in Oamaru, she has moved the shop a few doors down and it is just such a treat to visit.

*Mr Warren has cut his beard......goodbye furry traveling man.

*Meet "Mao" pussy-cat, he belongs to the previous owner of "St Biddies" and is staying with us for a month. You will probably see many photographs of him over that time.

*Look at our wee church on the hill, this is the view up the road looking back, she looks so nestled into the rolling hills.

*If any of you lovely poppets are in Lawrence next weekend, we are going to have a stall at the........

"Lawrence Clutha Gold Country Fair"
Sunday the 17th March
10am to 3pm

We are going to be selling some little "bits and bobs",

I am so excited........hmmmm will I wear gingham?????
or maybe green(St Patricks day)????

EEEEkkkk thats a lot of bits, sorry guys.

Love V&W

PS: love you all for the comments, warm fuzzies all round!!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

One week.......

Hello Sweet-peas!!!

Things are starting to feel less mad here as we are at the end of unpacking and finding new places for everything. Its always exciting to reacquaint yourself with familiar things, so many treasures that have a sense of history with your life story. 
The kitchen is pretty much cleaned and in place, we were so thrilled to find the rimu shelves with wire cubby-holes at a school fair on Saturday. Look at my old agee jam jars in them, perfect.

The view from the kitchen across the open floor area is fabulous, with wonderful light that dances around the space. Its quite memorizing.

One week on........

Yip "St Biddies" is our new home.