Looking for light.......

Hi Sweet-peas.

Sorry I have been a little......well not feeling like posting, I just haven't felt like I have anything to say.
We have been so busy with sorting things out and adjusting to a new lifestyle in the country, its just so quiet and peaceful here.  I have been missing friends, which was always going to be part of the process. 

We did head into Dunedin last week for a few groceries, we packed our lunch tin and sat in the Octagon people watching. It was great to see all the busyness bustling around us, it really is a lovely city. I also had a wee op-shop and found a few treasures that I have been washing and repairing, so looking forward to showing you them soon.

I guess I am feeling a little flat, things have been a whirl wind of events for us and now its like "What next", I have so many ideas, I just need to get started.
I shall do as Mao pussycat has done and look for some light to get me underway.

love V

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