Monday, May 25, 2015

Moving to the little lights..............dreams, hopes and changes......

With the change in season comes the time to reflect on where you are.....

Your place
Your hopes
Your dreams

For the two squirrels the time has come to explore a new way of trading, living and being true to the vision we have for our future.

Many of you will already know that our little shop in
 Milton will be closing on the 12th of July........

We have the most exciting plans for this new era....
(launching 1st August)

- 'Basil' on the road bringing wonderful vintage treasures to a town near you.

- Keeping wonderful records of all our adventures right here.

Please stay with us guys.....
This is going to be great fun.

Thank you for all your truly wonderful support.

Much love and happiness...

Vanessa & Warren.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Rainy day projects.......

We have been working on getting our little camper van
back on the road.

Rainy Day.......
Perfect sewing day.
Fabulous wool blanket in retro colours.
Tatty old cushions with a new lease of life.
So snuggly.

the gypsy in us is stirring....

Time for a road trip

Vanessa & Warren