Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Squirrel Vs Squirrel..........

This Saturday is going to see
'Two Squirrels'
who normally play very well together
go head to head in a vintage challenge.

First we have
number one
in the paisley corner
(perfectly vintage)
at the 


number two 
in the beige corner
(boring beige..snigger)

The match is set down 

May the best 
be crowned 
Champion nut-bag...

Vanessa & Warren.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A favourite little post......

Sorry guys another 
'Squirrels' at the beach post.

Yip after nearly seven
years of posting here, we seem
to escape to the beach a lot.

Yesterday on a grey old day
we did some beach combing
 collecting pine-cones &  

As well as...

the ebb & flow
of the sea,
being present in our bodies
calming our inner voice and 
leaving the heaviness of life for 
a moment.

That is the
the sea gives you.

Vanessa & Warren

Friday, September 1, 2017

Little Gatherer Apron.........

We are so excited to be showing you these
beautiful dressmaker made aprons.

It has been a lovely collaboration with my dear friend
to make a cross over apron in a style I love, 
using beautiful vintage fabrics.

Look at this stunning
   Sage green Sanderson Rose fabric.....
Each apron is a one of a kind and because 
we really are just dipping our little
furry toes in the water,
we only have three available at this stage.

 You can now purchase direct 
from us online
or pop in and see us
this weekend at our Dunedin based
Squirrel HQ.

Vanessa & Warren