Friday, June 9, 2017

Oh we do love vintage books........

Dunedin and books seem 
to go hand in hand.....
There are so many fabulous 2nd hand book
shops and this weekend is
the absolutely fantastic...
24 hour Rotary book sale
at the Regent Theatre.

I found just what I wanted to find....
 two beautifully illustrated 
books on Garden Flowers.

We have especially for the weekend
created a little
bookie corner at Squirrels HQ.

Open early this Saturday
Sunday 11am-3pm

Vanessa & Warren

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Some fresh air.........

With it being the first day
of Winter tomorrow....

 We decided to help keep the
home fires burning 
by going on
  a wee foraging trip
to look for some pine-cones and

It was not a successfully 
hunting expedition,
but we did find some fantastic
beaches, bays and bush walks.

We are so lucky to live in such
an incredibly beautiful country
like New Zealand.

No pine-cones
No driftwood
just lovely fresh air
and happy souls.

Happy Birthday
Queen Elizabeth....

Squirrels HQ

Saturday & Sunday 

Vanessa & Warren 

Thursday, May 11, 2017


This weekend we will all give thanks
to someone precious.

This person may take many forms and 
may play many different roles in our lives....

But at the end of the day
they will always 

We have been busy filling
'Squirrels HQ'
with precious pieces of jewellery 
vintage/created/ handmade and

Open this mothers day weekend.

Saturday & Sunday

Love to our

Vanessa & Warren