Friday, August 31, 2012

And so it begins.............

Hello my lovely sweet peas!!!!!!!

Welcome to the journey that is the "Squirrels on tour in Basil"!!!!!

Happy Happy dance around!!!!

So this little blog is going from a vintage fashion kind of blog to well a vintage travel blog. 

"Cape Reinga" here we come.

Today we travelled to the very end of New Zealand, Bluff.
We are staying here for two nights as very much baby campers. Eeeekkk
Basil is all plug-in and we are about to have our first sleep above the cab. Well second for Warren as you can see, Mr Teddy had some company this afternoon.
 While Mr Warren was having a snooze, I walked to the lookout point, it was fabulous to stand at the most southern tip of the country and look out on Stewart Island. The track was great, all along it you heard native birds singing in the sun, it was just heavenly. 
So a very tired wee squirrel is about to pop on the pj's and jump in to the wee nest that is bed.
Night Night!!!

love V&W

Friday, August 24, 2012

Oh Hello "Mr Basil"............

Hi sweet-peas!!!!!
Sorry to have been away for so long, but life has been a whirl wind of so many events.
We have moved out of our wee home and said goodbye to a place of many memories and special times.
Goodbyes to family and friends.
Goodbyes to Christchurch.
Then an unexpected goodbye to a family member who passed away suddenly.
This meant a long drive to Invercargill on Wednesday.
Then out of the unexpected we have found our new home on wheels.
Introducing "Mr Basil"
Yip the squirrels are on tour very soon.
Look out NZ here we come!!!!

Love v&w

Thursday, August 16, 2012

So tired my head is fuzzy..........

Oh poppets I was going to write so much to night, but I am so tired that just spelling fuzzy has been a mission. The rain has stopped and we are full on packing.
I was so excited to wear my 70's black faux furry jacket for one last wear before she is packed away into storage. I think I have my travel outfits sorted for the road trip, oh that has been a mission.
Night night sweet-peas..........

love v

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oh a tidy room is but a memory..........

These photographs were taken just before we completely pulled this room apart for packing. Now we live with boxes and mess in every room. The weather is being a poo, it has been raining so heavily we are struggling to take stuff to the storage unit. We had a wee break this morning before it started to pour down again. With only 8 sleeps till we start the road trip we have still so much to do. Eeeeekkkk!!!!
Ella pussy cat is going to be missed, I have been very naughty and become very attached to her.
This is not good when she is the neighbors cat. I have given her a pet name which she even comes to.....
Bellser Von Trouser!!!!

too cute ah!!!!

love v

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hello sweet-peas...........

Oh I am sorry we have been so busy that I have not had time to play in blogland and I have missed you all so much.
The sleep count down has begun "10" till we move from our wee home and start the "Squirrel's on Tour" part of our lives.
The garage sale went so well on Saturday with lots of treasure finding a new home to be loved in, we were humbled by the support again. Yay for travel funds!!!!

Ok back to packing and sorting.

love v

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tumbling down............

Our little house looks like a container ship exploded in it, boxes and mess everywhere.
We are crazy sorting out treasure to keep and bits for the garage sale this weekend.
It was nice to have a wee break from it and go to town the other day.
The sun was out so it was a great day to wear my teal blue 60's dress and a big felt rose.
While we were taking the photos this wee squirrel had a tumble, ouch my butt.

So "Garage Sale" this Saturday the 11th of August at 10am.
There will be heaps of squirrel treasure looking for a new home.
Only a few vintage garments as all the shop stock is gone.

OK back to packing.

love v

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Yay we are moving...........

The sign says it all........
the house is sold and we will be moving out in 22 days!!!!!
The squirrels are going to be starting the most exciting adventure.
New Zealand here we come from the top to the bottom we will be discovering this beautiful country and hope all you gorgeous sweet-peas will be with us as I blog about the fun.
Sooo excited!!!!!!
Anyway the next few weeks are going to be crazy as we pack, buy a camper and set in place a life with  know fixed abode.

love v