Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tumbling down............

Our little house looks like a container ship exploded in it, boxes and mess everywhere.
We are crazy sorting out treasure to keep and bits for the garage sale this weekend.
It was nice to have a wee break from it and go to town the other day.
The sun was out so it was a great day to wear my teal blue 60's dress and a big felt rose.
While we were taking the photos this wee squirrel had a tumble, ouch my butt.

So "Garage Sale" this Saturday the 11th of August at 10am.
There will be heaps of squirrel treasure looking for a new home.
Only a few vintage garments as all the shop stock is gone.

OK back to packing.

love v


  1. Ooops-a-daisy!
    You are so cute x

  2. OMG Miss V, could you be any CUTER? I love the fab frock and gorgeous felt brooch and I would give my left pinky to come to your garage sale! Big hugs, Sarah xxx PS I wore your beautiful maxi today.

  3. Oh I wish I could attend your garage sale, I bet there'll be so many treasures to find! You look lovely in blue Vanessa. You're the only person who could look so cute and happy falling over :) xx

  4. You look beautiful in this dress! I wish to be on this garage sail. Have a nice day:) Kisses x x x

  5. Oh you look so gorgeous! Your photos really brightened my evening! Maggie xx

  6. You look lovely, and like you're having lots of fun.

  7. O,no,a muddy tumble!And you were sober?!
    You cutie,no one could take a tumble and look more gorgeous!That frock is heavenly,and the whole colour combo going on is rocking my SOCKS off!
    Yep,it'll be a bit messy for a while,but them's the breaks!
    Garage sale? I'll try and make it out!

  8. You look cute even when you're falling over!! I love you in blue and that flower is adorable. I wish I could come to your garage sale!

  9. I REALLY like this frock Miss V! The colour is just perfect & the style is gorgeous. You look SO pretty....Even taking a tumble! I hope your wee butt isn't too ouchy. I so wish I could make it to the garage sale....I'll be just a couple of weeks too late. Xx

  10. You are a vision in this teal frock with the gargantuan flower brooch, which I love. I can imagine you at the prom in this, in one of the "good" prom movies, if such a thing exists. You do the sweetest tumble. I'm glad you are okay and I hope your dress is too. Pack away! Too bad the shoemaker's elves don't come in the night and you wake up in the morning and all the packing is done...

  11. I love your "oooh my bum!!" face! Your dress is so perfect and gorgeous, it looks stunning on you! Happy moving and I hope the sale goes well! xxx

  12. ouch! - love your 'oh my bum!' face, too. love the colour of this dress. absolutely prety. but especially i like the cute shrug. it's so hard to find nice cardis to wear over flared 50s and 60s dresses.

    good luck on packing your stuff...

  13. I was wondering why you were sitting in the dirt in your lovely dress. *heheeh*

  14. Oh you are such a sweetheart, Miss V! Your dress is beautiful and my favourite colour, too! xxx

  15. OK you have to wear this color more, you are just a doll of a gal in it! You even make tumbling look cute, how do you do that?! I loved hearing that you read my blog when you couldn't sleep, I hope the visions of blue helped you drift into the land of nod.
    You are a true darling and that lil ground squirrel in Crater Lake made me think of your sweet face!

  16. Wish I was down in CHCH! I would be at your sale with bells aaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllll on!
    Wow exciting times for you!!! Yay! I'll take you op shopping in hamil-vegas if you want!

    You look gorgeous - like you're going to a tea dance in the 60s.
    Much love x

  17. Oh you darling wee poppet!!!!! You're even gorgeous when you fall over!!! I absolutely love you in blue - actually, any colour - but especially blue - you are so, so beautiful, you gorgeous woman!! All the best for tomorrow's garage sale, I hope you sell everything! xoxo