Thursday, June 27, 2013


Hi Sweet-peas.....

Yesterday we had another trip into Dunedin to pick up some framing for an exhibition that is coming up..........
Now because we had some extra time we just had to go for a wee fish around the 'Sallies' in Mosgiel. 
Perfect for a fishing trip looking for treasures was my old 50's school gym-frock and a mens 70's velvet black bow-tie......dashing in with a big spotty bag and red beret the cherry on top.
I came away with a 50's green glass bowl and a little dress with ruffles I am going to wear as a petticoat. Total of the spend = $5.70....yay!!!!

Got to run poppets.....must get the entry for the art exhibition away.

Love V

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Pickle of a pick......

Hi Sweet-peas.....

This 70's polyester dress I bought from Sallies in Mosgiel last week is a pesky pickle, I love the colours and the design, but once I popped it on today I its really not me.
Oh well back to a charity shop it goes.

I made the 'pickle' brooch from a fridge magnet...tee hee it looks more like a crawling green caterpillar.

I only remembered today I had not shown you the 70's set of round tins I found at the Hospice shop in Milton, they are perfect stacked in the corner of the kitchen and great for $5.00.
Op-shopping the joys and disappointments.
Fun fun Fun.

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my felt collar and bunny......we had even more snow on Friday night so I was a sad little bunny on Saturday because it was to dangerous to drive to my 'Natural Fibre' classes.
Oh well its not worth getting into a pickle over.....

Love V

Friday, June 21, 2013

Hello Frozen-peas......

From a very very cold and snowy St Biddies.......

After being in my pjs till 12pm today I decided to get dressed and wait for a break in the weather to pop outside and play in the snow, also to make a snow-man of course.
I also got the opportunity to wear the felt collar and bunny brooch which are the first things I have made from the 'Creative Fibre' classes I have been going to each Saturday. The felt was made by my own little hands and then we were allowed to make anything we wanted.
Betty our lovely tutor has been helping us with stitching and embellishment, the classes are so much fun, tomorrow we are learning to spin with tutor Vallory. Oh I hope I can get there, so many roads are closed because of the weather.

love V

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A parcel of happiness and some fabulous news..........

Hello Sweet-peas......

I am hoping from these photo's you can't tell that I am terribly sick with a rotten old cold. (I also have a wee branch friend in the photo's, side right.....hello)
I have been feeling just so horrible........but there have been two lovely rays of sunshine in my week to make me feel oh so very happy!!!
Dragging my feet to the letterbox in the rain, I opened it to find a super duper parcel from the truly fabulous and gorgeous Curtise at Pastcaring.
A squeal of excitement as I rushed back inside, scissors grabbed, tissue flying........what yummy vintage treasures were inside???
Look look......the cutest yellow cardigan and a dirndl skirt that is amazing.
Into the bedroom for a try on and then plaiting the hair to get into the Heidi spirit.
Thank you Curtise.
I just love it all.

Do you like my bunny pendant????
On Saturday I found this poor little bunny salt shaker at Sallies all by pepper partner.
Home he came to be made into a necklace.
His days of a salt shaking are over.
I think he is happy now.

Then the other exciting thing I have had as a wee secret for a while until it was all confirmed today.
I have been asked by the lovely LuLu from 'Frockstars' to judge this years competition.
Now this is so exciting and I am putting a big call out to all you lovely poppets who like turning a unloved and sad little dress into something truly sensational.
This competitions for you.....even if you are overseas.
All the details are on the web-site

or their

I wish I could would be so much fun.
Judge this year....enter next year.

love V

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The warmth of friendship..........

Hello Sweet-peas.....

Sorry for my absence from here........we have been busy with house/church-guests.
Its been a few days of feeling the warmth of friends around us....talking, eating, drinking and reminiscing about the past.

Our little home feels quite empty and lonely now.....

I think I will just be silent and snuggle down by the fire.

love V

Monday, June 10, 2013

Mushy Monday.......

Hi Sweet-peas....

Well the Vintage Round-up was fabulous.........we meet some gorgeous vintage lovers and lots of the treasures I thought I would never say goodbye to left my collection to start a new adventure.
I was happy to have this beautiful soft velvet vintage 50's dress to wear for the first always helps to get into the swing of things!
I was very good to, only a couple of things came home, a lovely jacket and dress from the "Modern Miss"stall. Yay!!!

Today we got all rugged up in Winter woolies to go to Dunedin......

I am so sorry I wanted to write more here but I have such a "Mushy" head tonight......I think I may have talked to much at the market.

love V

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Busy little bunnies......

Hi Sweet-peas.....

 Bobtail bunnies.....
Bouncing around getting vintage treasures ready for market.
Twirling around in a beautiful vintage bird girl dress.
Playing with little knitted rabbit ears.
Peeping in parcels with wonderful wall hangings and sparkly earrings.
Oh Oh Busy Little Bunnies!!!!

Love V

Market: Vintage Roundup.
Rose dress: Vintage Bird Girl.
Parcel of Loveliness: Lucy Violet Vintage.

Thank you Leisa and Kylie you are two very lovely little bunnies indeed.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Lady in Waiting......

Hi Sweet-peas.....

Oh it's so cold.......Winter is definitely here.

This soft mauve wool 50's dress has been in waiting for years......I have put her on before and the colour just never seem to work. Well this time I was going to find a way of wearing it......inspired by the chocolate coloured gloves the lovely Leisa from "Vintage bird girl" sent me.

I am happy to say "Miss Mauve" finally had her day in the COLD.

Love V

PS:  I have been very strong this weekend and have sorted out my coat collection......
and will be selling some at the "Vintage Roundup Market"!
 have a wee peek at a few of them on Facebook.