Friday, April 29, 2011

Meetings today!

Today's outfit was more business like, we had a couple of meetings about the shops.
I have on a 70's black nylon dress with pleat skirt.
Grey wool 40's jacket, red beret and scarf.
Most important today the royal badge!
Happiness to William & Kate!!!

Coronation badge

Can we go in???

To the "Octagon book" shop.....

Hooray old, new books!!

Happiness is the lovely old and familiar smell of a second hand book shop!

"Tea and Biscuits"

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Winter change for bed.

My lovely friend gave me this beautiful 40's bedspread last week, it is heavenly.The fabric is just so luxurious.
Our bedroom is a real haven for all the lovely treasure's that make there way in to our hands.
Thanks Katherine I just love it!!!

The three bed bears!

Easter rose

Mum gave me this rose on Easter Sunday, it is just so beautiful and looks like crimson velvet.
The bunny candle was a present from the gorgeous Mirabel all the way from Japan.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Off to shops.

Today was so cold and I really enjoyed getting rugged up for the walk to the shops.
It was great to wear some of my op-shop finds from down south.
Today's outfit:
Brown wool 40's coat
Wool hand knit beret
70's fawn cord pinafore(I love pinafore dresses)
70's cotton paisley shirt with pussy bow
Vinyl 60's bowling bag handbag in two tone cream & brown.
Yip we are enjoying being an op-shop treasure hunter!!!

Walk to shops with new bag.

New wool beret!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Last strawberry!!

So this is the last strawberry from my strawberry plants at the back door.
They were quite fruitful which has been great.
Picking the last one on such a gorgeous day set the scene and theme for the rest of the day as you can see!!! Tee hee!!!

Last of the summer!!!

It was so yummy in my tummy!!!

Strawberry shortcake!!

Pretty pink daisy brooch!

Miss strawberry me!

This is me in the theme for the day!!
I baked mum & dad some shortbread for Easter and took it out to there place!
The day was so beautiful and just so warm. I am wearing a dress that I brought NEW, this is something I very very rarely do. It ticked to many boxes not to buy it, red polka-dots, cotton & 50's style, it's a Laura Ashley. I liked it so much I brought the black & white one too!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Team Easter bunnies!!!


I made theses bunnies as a present for my friends wee girls!!!

Crazy bunny!!

Happy bunny!

Happy happy Easter!!!!!

So cool to see!!!

Today we went into Paper Plus in Rangiora and we were thrilled to see on the book shelves this book!!!!
It is by a special friend,the most gorgeous and talented Andrea Eames.
Andrea was also a wonderful customer with a fabulous vintage style. You can see this on her blog
We miss her so much as she now lives in the USA.
So looking forward to curling up by the fire and reading her book!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Moody blues day!!!

This dress was one I had decided was to badly damage for the shop.
I tired it on a couple of days ago just to see if I could get a few wears out of it.
So sweet wee 60's cotton corded lace dress you have some more days to play. Worn today with a blue beret and 40's polka dot scarf as a belt.
Outing to see my gorgeous friend and her beautiful baby girls, happiness!!!

Ceramic earrings

I love these earrings but I just don't wear them enough.
Circa 70's I think mexican.

Bakelite brooch

I got this lovely orange rose Bakelite brooch from a lovely wee vintage shop in Oamaru called "Tiger Lily".

Thursday, April 21, 2011

American vintage treat!

Miss Ruby-Rose who is the beautiful sweetpea who works for us, brought this dress all the way from America for me!
She is just fab as it is a perfect fit and I love the pattern. The best thing is that it is an original 60's dress but new.
Ruby found this wee treat in San Francisco at a shop called "Decades of Fashion"
Happiness is a international vintage dress!!!!

Great colours for winter!!!

Original tags

Oh I love when the original history is attached like this!!!
$3.98 wow this just brings it home, 60's price.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

South treasures!!!

This is the outfit that I brought from this great op-shop in Dunedin. (Shop on Carrol)
The fab early 50's coat is my favorite colour for winter "brown" and is in great vintage condition.
Then to make me a happy little vintage squirrel they had this autumn rose late 50's dress which went so well with the coat!
Sometimes the vintage universe is with you when you can find two treasures in one shop that fit, and you love!

Cold day!!!

In the city

Today we were in the city.
It's 8 weeks since we were last in the shops. Hard to believe!
We are still waiting to find out when we can get in just to look at the damage.
We understand that it's pretty bad in both Tete a Tete and Two Squirrels.
So so over this!!!

Beside the river

Autumn leaves!!

Yellow rose

Ivy leaf brooch

This was a great op-shop find in Invercargill. Circa 70's

Monday, April 18, 2011

Dresses ready to hibernate

Easter means it is time to swap over my wardrobe to the winter treasures that have been asleep for summer.
This is a process I do twice a year and it is a great way to meet old friends(frocks, coats etc) and see who wants to stay and who is ready to start a new adventure with someone else.
That would normally mean into the shop, but this year????
Ok so what I do is this:
-two fab old suitcases
-lined with paper
-two lavender bags(from Oxford craft shop)
-washed summer clothes
The lavender bags help to stop the little pests who will chow down on your treasure. (moths & silver fish)
I store the cases on top of my wardrobe where it's warm and dry.
Sometimes I also pop in the little silicon salt satchels you get in boxes just to be extra sure that the case does not get damp.
So good night my sweetpeas, see you in spring.
Now some repairs and alterations on the winter gear!
Hmmm me thinks some have shrunk in storage oops!

Lavender bags

See you in spring!!!

Sleep tight my pretties!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tea stop!

Sorry I have not posted much over the last few days. We have been down to Invercargill to a funeral.
We stopped here in the town of Hampden on the east coast. This advertising for tiger tea was something you saw on corner dairy's all the time when I was little.

Mr Tiger

Mr Squirrel brooch

I brought cute brooch from "Dusty old Things" in Colombo street Christchurch.
How could I not get it! Mr squirrel
Circa 70's fake maracite.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Black & White

This was a great find a 60's Horrrockses fashion black & white dress from a op- shop.
Outfit : red cardy
60's vinyl black handbag
Black bunny brooch
Silver bunny ring
David Elman brogue shoes
Head to toe vintage op- shop!!!

At number nine

Horrockses dress