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Bowls anyone?

Felt rose

Old leather buttons

Off for a walk

If you go...

Nessie the Nanna!

Warm as toast

I love pom poms!

My man.


Happy pussycat


Daisy-boo the kid collector!!

My zoom zoom's

Little mushroom

Had to pop a coat on!

The wind is soooo cutting

Volunteer girl today

Miss blue mouse brooch

Miss lamp shade please


Out for fresh air

Managing a smile, just.

Happy fishy!

Oh coffee make me better!

Cafe de la Gare

To a new start

Versez le vin

un verre

Oh so cold

Favourite fur handbag

Furry bag

Oh what a mess!

Nuts to new nest!!

Bed socks!

Writing in bed!

Oh so pretty!


Sneezes and tissues!