Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sand, Surf and Shorts.......

Hello to you sweet-peas!!!
We have had another lovely stay by the beach this time in Whangamata, we went for a very long walk last night, and this morning I was up early for another beautiful walk to watch the sunshine singing on the waves.
After we packed Basil it was time for a stroll around the shops and have a coffee. (I so wanted to feed the birds!)
We found an op-shop, where I got my gingham hat and some great 70's bark cloth fabric, also 
in town was a cool wee retro shop called "Funky Junktion", great stuff! I bought some old NZ postcards, there were many other things I loved but not for a traveling squirrels.

Beep beep "Basil" was on the road again for the stunning drive around the Coromandel, it was a very twisty and steep but the view of the bays and golden beaches was amazing.
Tonight we are staying in the Coromandel Town and after a big day of walks we decided a we treat of fish n chips was in order. 

Eeeekkk I am wearing shorts and I also now have jandals, yip this squirrel is all about stepping out of the comfort zone, and embracing the summer camping wear.

LoVe V&W

Monday, October 29, 2012

We are moving in........

Somewhere near Taupo sweet-peas!!!!

If the squirrels don't manage to find a new place to settle once our adventure on the road comes to an end, I am moving in to the wee caravan in the Taupo museum. As you can see we would be the perfect hosts on display and I am sure to wear a suitable vintage dress each day. You lovely poppets would come and see us, yes?????
Believe it or not the road map book is the same as the one that came with Daisy-Boo, see we do belong in a museum. 
Today we went to Wai-O-Tapu thermal wonderland.  Exploring this other world of boiling lakes, steaming fumaroles, and collapsed craters was truly hard to comprehend that it was here on earth, it was like the moon, maybe??? Richard Branson should just take his outer space travelers there its cheaper.
Some of the images we took are just amazing and I would recommend it to anyone going to Rotorua.

So today was moving day, off in Basil to The Bay of Plenty, tonight we are staying in Mt Maunganui right on the beach, as I look out the window the full moon is shining a beautiful golden glow on the sea and I can hear the surf crashing.

Sleepy squirrel off to dream of what dresses I would wear on display in a museum, tee hee....

LOve V&W

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Ahhhh hello Sweet-peas!!!!

From a relaxed and soothingly sleepy squirrel......
We have had such a fabulous time in Rotorua, yesterday we spent about 2 hours at the museum, the majestic building is the old bath house opened in 1908 and is filled with amazing displays of the history of the bath house, Maori exhibitions and our rich cultural heritage.
Two exhibitions were just such a treat to see, A la Mode; early 19th century fashion plates and the Wildlife Photographer of the year 2011. Some of the images in the wildlife exhibition were magnificent ,breathe taking and beautiful. 
Today we went to the "Redwoods" Whakarewarewa forest, New Zealands first exotic forest planted in 1899, it was the most glorious day and we spent ages strolling and photographing the towering Californian Redwoods and native bush.
Tonight we are staying in "Golden Springs" halfway between Rotorua and Taupo, the camping ground is set in angelic native bush with a thermal stream. The natural heated pool was just luxurious to sit in and listen to the running water and birds.
Yip you can feel the blissful peace of simple beauty wash over you.....

night night sleep tight.....

Love V&W

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Push re-wind and fast forward please........

Hello sweet-peas!

Yip its a little of last week and today all rolled in to one tonight!!!
Napier first, these are some of the pics from there at the top, had to show the famous "Pania of the sea" statue and a couple of lovely art deco examples.  Oh and this is the dress I got in Wellington, its a nice heavy cotton and I just think the pink flower pattern is great. I think I may have had sheets in that pattern as a kid,  tee hee!!! I am also pleased to say the alteration I made didn't work out to bad either, she was way to long in the waist for me so I have taken the waist up all by hand stitching.

Now to today, as most of you we lovelies would have guessed we are in Rotorua!!!!
Steamingly beautiful!!!!
The hot springs, mud pools and thermal activity is amazing. Tonight we went into the most wonderful market in the city, the main street is closed and there are yummy food stalls and produce. Pita pockets and french crapes for dinner, scrumptious.
Then a walk through the park, the wisteria was just beautiful, and more steaming pools of water and mud. So excited to explore more tomorrow and have a long soak in one of the mineral pools.

Love V&W

Monday, October 22, 2012

Bouncing back.......

Hello sweet-peas from the beach near Opotiki.
We had a little hiccup last night in Gisborne, "Basil" had no power, for some reason he didn't like the power points there, but he has bounced back tonight and we are all plugged in.
On the way to Gisborne we stopped at the Hawkes Bay Farmers market, wow it was so so busy.
To much to take all in, but just a wonderful array of produce, wine and general goodies.
I wore the wee brooch I made the other day from the small piece of 50's fabric I found in Ashburton, as you can see it has my favorite subject, a BUNNY!!!
Now since we are on the subject of bunnies and bouncing, I was all jumping with pure joy tonight when just beside where we are parked three little baby bunnies came out to play.
Look at his little face.
Look at those little paws.
Thats cute!!!!!

Happiness is baby bunnies by the beach in Basil........

Love V&W

Friday, October 19, 2012

Little Miss Sunshine........

Hello Poppets!!!

This is the swirly little beam of yellow 60's sunshine I brought in Nelson, boy did I get some comments and sideway glances when I wore her yesterday. The fabric is so light that I had a few petticoat/underwear flashes thanks to the pesky wind, resulting in more sideway glances eeekkk!!! 
Sorry still no pics of Napier it was blowing a gale there but we did have a look at some of the vintage shops, lots of lovely things out of this wee squirrels budget.
We found the most darling wee crafters boutique called "Gather", we had a lovely chat to the owner Nikki who kindly recognized us from the "Frankie Spaces".

So when you can't buy vintage treasure whats the next best thing?????
Even better squirrel chocolate!!!

We called into "The Silky Oak Chocolate Company"(perfect for squirrels), oh my gosh the smells was just heavenly as soon as you walk in the door.
Squirrel for me and acorn for Warren that seems fair, yes?????
I did share the squirrel.

I am feeling all inspired to make my own chocolates when we have a home again, so happy I found these chocolates moulds for $4.00 for the lot in a wee antique shop in Carterton.
Guess which is my favorite?

Today has been a stay in "Basil" day doing things like washing and cleaning, I have been sewing a couple of brooches, will show you poppets later.

Love V&W