Monday, October 8, 2012


Hey sweet-peas!!!!

Aaaaahhh after close to two of years of heartache, madness, and crazy times for the squirrels I think I can finally say that I am starting to feel relaxed. I am sleeping well for the first time in FOREVER and my mind is clear to explore the simple pleasures that are all around us. The deep sadness that left a lump in my throat most of the time is gone, the future is starting to become exciting again.

These are some of the other photo's from our adventure yesterday. We went to the Cathedral Cliffs at Gore Bay and found the perfect picnic stop for fairies, gosh I wish I had wings. If you look at our Facebook page you can see a little gnome sitting on the table.
Today was spent exploring "Goose Bay", we went for a very long beach walk and I found the most
beautiful paua shell. 
As you can see to we also found a very grumpy seal who apparently does not like squirrels!!!! Grrrrrr.

Sleepy time now.

Love V&W   


  1. You really can't put a price on that kind of inner peace. I'm so glad to hear that things have moved on for you and you're feeling positive again. Beautiful pics xxx

  2. Bless your squirrel hearts! I am so glad your inner peace has returned.

    I love these photos - very whimsical quality about them.

    Also - such a beautiful picture of the paua shell.

    I always feel so spoiled when I get to see a seal or a penguin in real life - so I am very jealous you got to meet a grumpy seal xoxo

  3. I'm delighted the road trips helping you find the peace that's evaded you for so long! The scenery is wonderful, you both look gorgeous and the seal is the cutest thing ever! x

  4. I'm so pleased to hear you sounding so positive and hopeful - and YAAYYY FOR SLEEP!!! You are beautiful, the landscapes are gorgeous, the mushrooms are sweet and that cranky seal is wonderful! Sarah xxx

  5. you poor squirrel - I'm so pleased things are picking up for you, you're having a wonderful adventure, it must be so peaceful in Basil's cosy interior with just the wilderness outside xxx

  6. So good to hear you're getting some inner calm after the nightmare you've been through, no-one deserves it more.xx.

  7. The inside of that shell is magical - all those colours are lovely!

  8. its a great moment when you start wanting to look forward, you deserve happiness and i wish it in bucketloads for you both x

  9. So good to hear you are feeling rested, relaxed, and not so sad. And your happiness shows in these marvellous photos, what stunning places you are showing us! xxx

  10. Aww itsounds like after everything you guys have gone through you really deserve this! So happy for you that you're finally being able to relax, life sure can be testing some times can't it!
    P.S I remember wishing I had wings too when I went to Cathedral Cliff.

  11. You sound like you are in a great peaceful place, I'm happy for you! These pictures have a calming effect as I look at them for the 3rd time so beautiful! The shell is a rainbow of watery beach delight!

  12. Amazing views! I love your dress:) Kisses x x x