Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunny Autumn Days......

I have sat here for the last 1/2 hour staring at this screen.
Yip I have nothing to say.
So its a sunny autumn day.

love v

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Handmade poppy and an adoption......

Yesterday was  ANZAC day, an important day of remembrance, thankfulness and reflection.
I made the wee red poppy to wear as a little protest over the fact that the RSA are now getting there poppies made in China, they were made here in Christchurch by Kilmamock Enterprises who employ 71 intellectually disabled workers before.  GRRRR
When will it stop. So I made my own and then made a donation to the RSA.
Red poppy worn with cat sick colored cardy. Yay!!!!

Then to my squeals of delight, look who turned up in the letter box. The very gorgeous Cathy from the city mission shop decided this Little fellow was needing a family of nutty squirrels to live with.
As we ticked all the boxes on the adoption papers.....
Welcome to our house
Mr Grey fuzzy wuzzy squirrel.
you are my friend.

love v

Monday, April 23, 2012

Pack me off in a crate......

The madness that is my huge collection of polka dot dresses continues.
Yip this is another new wee cutie and believe it or not she has a sister!!!!
She is waiting for another post.
I brought them while we were in Melbourne, 'new'! eeeekkk. At $40.00 each it was such a bargain and the fit was so good. I have shortened both of them for a better look.
I must count up how many polka dot dresses I have now???????

The little white 60's vinyl handbag is one I sneaked out of the shop stock on Friday for my catch up with the fabulous Miss Helga. Pop over and see what we got up too.

We have been crazy wee squirrels getting the sale ready here at home, please tell your friends and vintage loving sweet-peas about it. There are some totally gorgeous things going into it.
Also remember the "Spaces" by Frankie giveaway is still open too!!!!!

Ok sweets I think a crate would be to small for me and my dresses, more likely a Shipping container.....

love v

Friday, April 20, 2012

Autumn floral.....

While un-packing some of the treasures for the sale I came across a bag of things marked winter dresses, to my excitement there were a couple that I was going to wear last year in the shops.
Since that plan was some what stuffed, lets wear them in the garden.
This is a wee cute 70's floral dress, handmade and is so warm to wear, the colours seem perfect for a cool autumn day. 
The neighbours wee pussy-cat "Ella" seems to know when we are taking photos and turns up all the time. I am sure there is a secret alarm on the cameras us lovely bloggers don't know about, it can only be heard by cats.

Happy autumn floral days......

love v

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spaces........... Giveaway!!!!!!!!

We have decided to do a very heartfelt giveaway!!!!!
This amazing magazine which the fabulous poppets at "Frankie" produced features two little squirrels and there shops pre- earthquake squashing.
We were so excited to be asked to be part of this project and so happy to have a wonderful record of a wonderful time when we were living a dream.
To share this we have one "Spaces" to giveaway.
This is a very special copy as we saved it from "Two Squirrels" in the Cashel Mall before it was demolished. 

To find out how to enter, click the link below

Yay Spaces!!!!

love v

Monday, April 16, 2012

Little brown bunny and teddy bear.......

Two of my beautiful friends have recently given me a couple fabulous presents.
Lucky Girl!!!!
The lovely Katherine gave me these very cute little Mr Bunny sepia earrings, they are from "Portico"
in Lyttelton, always happy with bunnies.
The teddy bear coat was a snugly gift from the wonderful Andrea, such a great 1950's coat with a nice wide collar and cool big buttons.
The very handy big vinyl 60's bag was Warren's Nana and was a present from Warren's mummy Marie.
Brown bunny-teddy-squirrel,
that's me.

love v



Oh thank you for all the lovely comments on my dress in the last post.
 It is new!!!!
I know????
Its from Laura Ashley and is part of there Archive range.
I have always wanted a beautiful 50's cabbage rose vintage dress, but in all the years of collecting and owning the shops I never found a big girl one.
So when my lovely friend Katherine told me she saw this in the window at Laura Ashley I just had to go and have a look.
The rest is as they say history.

love v

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Last days of summer......

I thought I better wear my "Laura Ashley" dress before she is packed away for winter. The weather was so warm and sunny today.
I had the most lovely lunch with my dear friend Katherine, it was just perfect.
The cute little wicker basket I brought from an estate sale last weekend, I was so thrilled it had ten scarves inside all for $2.00.
A happy day in a pretty dress.

love v