Tuesday, February 28, 2012

You found me and I love you!!!!!

Do you find that sometimes...
You find a fabulous vintage piece and it is love at first sight!
This "Sonny" knit cardigan from the 70's was that, I was with Warren's lovely mummy at Christmas and we were in a Savemart in Invercargill. We where going through the retro rack and just like a sparkle in the dark there she was. The first words she heard were "OH I LOVE THIS".
I think she loved me too!!!!!

love v

Monday, February 27, 2012

Sunday drive....

Miss Daisy-Boo is back from the panel beaters and all back to her "pretty best". So driving Miss Daisy on Sunday seemed fitting.
This is an old favourite 50's dress I have had for years, and she is along way from her "pretty best". I am sure you sweet-peas have a vintage fave that is on the brink of going to vintage heaven.
Sunday was a little cold so I got to wear my great new late 60's linen jacket I brought a few weeks ago from Sallies, its a bit big for me but it was soooo coming home. Look at the great pattern and I love brown and blue together. Yay vintage is always so good.
Hope you had a "pretty best" weekend!

love v

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Market Squirrel.....

These photographs are from last Sunday. We are trying very hard to just buy all our vegies, fruit and other yummies from "Farmers markets". The Rangiora Farmers market is on every Sunday from 9am-12.30pm in the council carpark. Please support these markets sweet-peas it is so important, there produce is grown with love.
It was a good day to wear my school style red pinafore with my new shoes from Melbourne. YAY, I was so happy to find these old style school shoes that I brought two pairs in black and red.
The beautiful felt bag and brooch are wonderful creations by my gorgeous friend Katy at Threadmark. I am so lucky to have been gifted so many of her amazing pieces. 

Hope you have had a super duper weekend so far.......

love v

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Testing, Testing...........

We spent the day getting the studio ready for all the lovely vintage treasure that we will be photographing for the new on-line shop. It's not long now sweet-peas!!!!Heaps of testing, testing and I am pleaesed I won't be the model, the dummies do a better job.
The little green gingham boys bow tie I am wearing with my dress was a lovely gift from the gorgeous Nicole at "Circa Vintage Clothing"  in Fitzroy Melbourne. It was nice to finally meet her, I have her amazing book "Love Vintage" which has to be one of the best reference's and wonderful guides to vintage.

Splendid...... another tick on the very long to do list.

love v

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Day to remember....

Time has passed but the hurt and sadness is still the haze that clouds all who live in Christchurch.
Today we are blessed that we have each other, thankful family and friends were not taken from us a year ago. With heavy hearts we cry for those who did.
We said farewell to Tete a Tete vintage and let her know she is in our heart forever.

Happiness and sadness holding hands.

love to you

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happiness is a night out in the city....

OK sweetpeas this is the last photo's from Melbourne.
We both got dressed up and went out into the city for a nice meal out, well that was the plan.
The truth is the night was filled with dissappointment.
 Oh well I did wear my lovely dressmaker made, vintage 50's PK fabric, blue with silver roses, pattern from a 50's style dress. Best part the fabric cost me $1.50 from Sallies. My hair was being good and went up well too. Not all lost.
Taking the good with the bad, becoming an expert.
Happiness is wearing a new dress.

love v

Monday, February 20, 2012


Melbourne is one of those places that is great for two wandering squirrels.
The city is a labyrinth of paved little brick roads.
This one lead to a Chinese Church, the gates, fences and decoration where all painted red and black along the laneway.
Autumn was just popping in too, with sleepy leaves resting on the path.
I think I might have seen a furry werwolf too???
Hmmmm not sure!!!!

love v