Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The cusp of change.....

Do you have days where you feel like one sock is up and the other is down???
The reflection of myself is one of hello and goodbye.
Happiness and sadness holding hands.
Even the trees can feel the change, they are dropping little hints of autumn.

love v


  1. Change can be good! I'm waiting for change but I think I need to take action to make it happen.

    Love your brooch.


  2. Thinking of you in your last official days in the Nest. So wish I could pop in for a spend up at your sale! Xx

  3. Big hugs for you... I know you'll be ok. These pics are beautiful, as always, and you have the most beautiful smile, you always make me smile.

    Sarah xxx

  4. Oh sweet it was a birthday present from my dear friend Jo. She is so clever. She knows I love bunnies!!! V

  5. Change is often bittersweet but I hope you have much happiness in your new venture. I love your bunny brooch and frock.

  6. *hugs!* See you soon at the Nest... Closing the Nest door will open up a million windows... ON THE INTERNET! :)

  7. Beautiful photos, Vanessa - but then they always are! Still, it bears repeating. They kind of sum up the mood, I guess - things end, new things begin, it's sad and a bit scary but a good thing too.
    I think you are like that hare on your brooch - about to take a huge leap into a new field! So ears up, flex those muscles - and JUMP! xxxxxxx

    1. oh the print on your dress is rather perfect for the leaves and general autumn feel...can't be autumn though yet surely...we are having the most mildest of winters ever over here it's quite bizarre!

  8. I have a one sock up and one sock down day most days.

  9. I love that rabbit.

  10. I think your dress is so lovely, I adore the print.
    p.s. I have no socks right now... lol

  11. Oh yes I have that feeling almost all the time! I am so excited for you, can't wait to see what is next in the Two Squirrels chapter!

  12. I'm sending you all the luck in the world, Miss V!
    Your pictures are fantastic, I adore that frock and I need that chair! xxx