Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Busy squirrel

Sorry sweet-peas we have been busy sorting out a few things with the shop.
Today we are going to put up all the Christmas treasure and make the nest into a wee Christmas haven.
Yesterday I wore the 50's cotton floral dress I had for the opening of Two squirrels pop-up nest.
The wee hairclip is so cute, it's one of the ones I brought a few weeks ago.
Ok busy busy wee squirrel elf today!!!!
Santa claus is coming to town.....

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lace and pearls

I just had to wear pearls today!!!! Not sure why???
Batten-burg lace blouse over a cream 70's pleat skirt dress, flowers in my hair, dance shoes in beige and pearls pearls, pearls!!!
Love V

Pearls and prettiness

This is one of the displays for the nest, nice match to my outfit.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Daisy play

Between customers today I made dasiy-chains.
Happiness is a daisy or heaps of them....
Such a happy flower!!!

Daisy play

Daisy chain

Daisy girl

Seaside daisy

Daisy day

Off to pick roses!

Today I went out to my mums to pick some of her beautiful roses for the nest today. The shop smells heavenly.
Today I am dressed across the decades....
Head to toe...
80's Laura Ashley straw hat
50's cotton day dress
20's handbag
60's blue shoes
40' gold ring(present from my mummy)
Sorry 30's nothing from you.
Love v

Vintage shoes

Oh oh I just about forgot, these are the wee 60's shoes I brought yesterday. So cute, and also comfortable.

Little straw hat

Mix of periods

Blue sky above

Oh look at the catch!!!

I brought this beautiful handbag from a very special lady a few years ago.
It is quite fragile, so she spends most of her retirement on display.

Beautiful 20's handbag

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Two happy wee squirrels

Today was a special day for us, we have been together 10 years!!!!!
We headed to Sumner for lunch and shopping. I found the most wonderful green vintage dress from a fabulous new shop there, I will post the details soon. Oh oh and show the dress.
Some cool new 60's shoes and other we treasures.
Lovely day with the lovely Mr Warren.xxxx

My lovely man

Cabbage roses

Happy shopping girl

Polka dot bags.....

Must be treasure!!!!!!

Roses and music notes

Dressed for dinner

The meal out with my gorgeous girl friends was just the most wonderful night. Lovely food and fabulous conversation.
I wore a early 50's black dress with a lovely red thread through it, French jet black 20's beads, and silk rose in my hair.

Ready for a night out

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

One day cold, one day hot!!!!!

Crazy weather at the moment, one day rugged for wet and cold, the next hot and summer dresses. Yip mother nature sure can be moody!!!!
This is my new(op-shop) dress I wore a couple of weeks ago and showed you sweet-peas. I am really liking wearing my summer dresses as wee pinafores at the moment.
Ok off out for tea with some very dear friends I have not seen in forever. Will post what I am wearing tomorrow!!! Love V

Summer day

Miss green tulip again

So cold I even worn a wolly hat!


It was very wet and cold here all day yesterday, so this is me all rugged up like winter. Photo taken in an old cemetery on our way to pick Daisy-Boo from the work-shop, she was at the mechanics to have her WOF(warrant of fitness) done.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Miss pop!!!

One of the other joys of now having a shop at home is you get to do things between sweet-peas coming out.
Sitting on the steps of the shop eating a RED lollipop is also good.
Especially when it matches your cardy, tee hee.
Today I am wearing a Val(dressmaker) creation, she is the most beautiful linen cotton fabric with cute rose buds all over it. I had her made for the 5th birthday of Tete A Tete vintage.
Hope you all have had happiness in your weekend. V


Closing chores


Hungry wee strawberries