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Busy squirrel

Lace and pearls

Pearls and prettiness

Daisy play

Daisy play

Daisy chain

Daisy girl

Seaside daisy

Daisy day

Off to pick roses!

Vintage shoes

Little straw hat

Mix of periods

Blue sky above

Oh look at the catch!!!

Beautiful 20's handbag

Two happy wee squirrels

My lovely man

Cabbage roses

Happy shopping girl

Polka dot bags.....

Roses and music notes

Dressed for dinner

Ready for a night out

One day cold, one day hot!!!!!

Summer day

Miss green tulip again

So cold I even worn a wolly hat!


Miss pop!!!


Closing chores


Hungry wee strawberries

Welcome to new and old poppets!!!

Best kind of feet up at work!!!

Wind about to catch my petticoats

Vintage butterfly

Scruffy wee caterpillar