Monday, November 14, 2011

Neighbours from the past

Mr Warren has been away for a week in Invercargill, so after I picked him up from the airport we headed into town.
We decided to have lunch at "little dose" in Tuam street, "Big Dose" was our neighbour beside Tete a Tete in Hereford street, before we all got squashed by the you know what(stupid earthquakes). It was so nice to see the owner Andy after 9 months. Yummy yummy coffee and great food. The cafe was great and we will be going back very soon. Love V

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  1. Darling!!! I found a little something very,very sweet in my mailbox! Thank you SO much! You are a precious little chickadee!It's easy to splendid comments when I come here!
    O,I hadn't heard of Dose.I shall have to try them out!X