Monday, March 20, 2017


People came to 
'Squirrels HQ'
found treasures,
supported us and
said wonderful things about 
the space.

But most of all
were so very kind.


We are now excited
to let you know that if you find yourself wanting
to come and play at the 
'Squirrels HQ'

on request.

We are very happy to open by 
appointment as well as
having pop-up
hours at different times.

Just send a little email
and we will arrange a time
that works for you.

Vanessa & Warren

Thursday, March 16, 2017

running on vapour........

With another very late night 
ahead and another full day 
tomorrow to get the
ready for the big reveal
on Saturday.

We are both running on
Its been exhausting, fun, uplifting
and well,
 bloody hard work to
make the space into something
that we are both proud of.

come see.....

Best wishes 
and happiness to you
guys always...

Vanessa & Warren

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Crossroads and Corners.....

Our Dunedin base is situated 
in the heart of the industrial area of the city....

For the last six months it has been our studio,
workroom, storage, and pop-up
shop venue.
With a complete make-over in progress
 for the 
Fashion Week

We have decided to formally 
call it 

'Two Squirrels HQ'

This will see us presenting a space and experience 
in homage to our journey with vintage....
an echo of all that has happened....
from the humble beginnings in a 
little shop at the top of the stairs in 
Christchurch to now.

We have been busy sourcing lots of new vintage pieces 
 and accessories, bringing together a curated
collection especially for this new
beginning in the revamped HQ space.

       Its about crossroads and corners...

New directions.

Vanessa & Warren 

Thursday, March 2, 2017



Momentum and movement....

We have had a very busy time
of late.....

The studio is in a state of 
upheaval as we transform the space
in preparation for the 
three day pop-shop at the start of 
Dunedin Fashion week.

This will be a show case of
some great vintage pieces from the past
and for the future.

Timeless pieces.....
carefully brought together 
in a wonderful collection for this

Vanessa & Warren