Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas crackers.........

Hello Sweet-peas

I hope you have had a wonderful fun filled and happy Christmas!!!!

We had a lovely day at my mum and dads, all very low key and relaxing.

Fun with christmas crackers and party masks.

Now New Year......

Love V&W

Monday, December 24, 2012

The weather outside is delightful........

Let it shine, Let it shine, Let it shine..........

Merry Christmas to all you truly gorgeous sweet-peas!!!!!
Thank you for following the Two Squirrels.
We just love you guys.

May Santa bring you lots of vintage presents and you eat far to much chocolate.

Love Vanessa & Warren

beep beep from Basil!!!! 

Sunday, December 23, 2012


The squirrels are back in Canterbury!!!!

We are at my Ma& Pa's for Christmas in Sefton, and it is so nice to see family again.
Yesterday we went to a PYO(pick your own) market garden for yummy fresh peas.
It was just lovely being altogether.
Its so hard not to spend most of the time cracking open the pods and helping yourself to the sweet wee peas!!!!
We are looking forward to seeing friends over the next few days and catching up on the last four months.

So only two more sleeps till Santa comes and then the start of a New Year.......

Love V&W

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

There are SQUIRRELS in New Zealand..........

Hello poppets.......

Yesterday with a Christmas wish lists in hand from each of us we set off to do our Christmas shopping in Dunedin city. How exciting to explore a new place to find treasure.
But as we always seem to do, we got side tracked and went to the museum to look at treasure behind glass. We both had fond memories as kids going to the "Animal Attic" or dead critter space up stairs in the museum. Its not as creepy "Victorian" as it used to be but it has squirrels so I was pretty happy.
I was also taken by the fuzzy little green parrot who really was quite mad.

Right thats enough fluffing about, down to some serious Christmas shopping!!!!

I had a very success time and managed to tick all but one thing on the list.

I even found a wee present to pop in Basil, since we really don't have room for a christmas tree, this knitted one with pom-poms on it was perfect. Oh I forgot the shops name where it came from, its in George street and has lots of handcrafted Nanna stuff. The ladies in there were just gems and said I looked like Mary Poppins with my umbrella. 'Snap' Miss Helga!!!!

I had a few minutes for an op-shop and found a lovely floral nightie to wear as a dress and the mad Santa made from fuzzy pipe cleaners.

Very thirsty work this shopping.

Love V

Monday, December 17, 2012

When time is pressing.............hmmmmmm.......

Hi Sweet-peas

The rascally little squirrels are in Dunedin for a few days while we look at some properties. 
But that all seems TOO grown up and back to reality..........right?????

So we went to the movies "The Hobbit" which was great, the sled pulling rhosgobel rabbits are just fabulous and are now featuring at the top of my Santa wish list!!!!

Next to avoid all serious stuff, the just re-opened Early Settlers Museum, which is so good we are going back tomorrow to have another look. Some of the Victorian garments are stunning.

Time to sit in the Octagon and have a kebab.

And because I have decided my "little Miss Sunshine" dress looks like it has old fashion lollipop swirls on it, I went into "Granny Annies" sweet shop and found a lollipop to match.

Overall we have avoided all the things we are meant to do.


Love V

PS: With a world filled with tragedy, tomorrow please be a little ray of sunshine in someones day.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Remembering when I was little.......

Hi Sweet-peas......

I just adore roses and if I could have a bunch in every room of the house forever a happy wee 
squirrel I would be. (also if we had a home)
But if asked what my favorite flower is, the answer would be as it has been since I was a little girl......

The dainty and always pretty


My lovely grandmother would especially make sure they were in her beautiful garden.
One of my earliest memories is being in the garden with her picking them.
When I see cornflowers now a wonderful sense of inner peace swirls inside me, and the lovely memory of childhood.

We are staying in Kingston at Warren's mum & dads crib (oh thats a holiday home).
Marie, Warren's mum has a gorgeous cottage garden with a gentle stream running through it and an ivy covered bridge. 

Happiness is picking a bunch of cornflowers.......

Oh I love sweet-peas too!!!!!!!

Thats you.....

Love V

Monday, December 10, 2012

When you feel a little lost.......

It's a perfect day for making daisy-chains and day dreaming........

Love V