When time is pressing.............hmmmmmm.......

Hi Sweet-peas

The rascally little squirrels are in Dunedin for a few days while we look at some properties. 
But that all seems TOO grown up and back to reality..........right?????

So we went to the movies "The Hobbit" which was great, the sled pulling rhosgobel rabbits are just fabulous and are now featuring at the top of my Santa wish list!!!!

Next to avoid all serious stuff, the just re-opened Early Settlers Museum, which is so good we are going back tomorrow to have another look. Some of the Victorian garments are stunning.

Time to sit in the Octagon and have a kebab.

And because I have decided my "little Miss Sunshine" dress looks like it has old fashion lollipop swirls on it, I went into "Granny Annies" sweet shop and found a lollipop to match.

Overall we have avoided all the things we are meant to do.


Love V

PS: With a world filled with tragedy, tomorrow please be a little ray of sunshine in someones day.

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