Thursday, March 31, 2011

The writing's on the wall!!!

This how the city feels for us at the moment!

Still able to smile!

This is my favorite beret and I have many!
I am also wearing the best cartoon cat brooch, it's made in Germany and is circa 50's I think?

In the city!

Hello sweetpeas
We had a meeting today for business in the CBD, it was about access and what the future may hold for us.
It looks like it is going to be a very long time before we can get into our wee shops. It is to unsafe and there are big issues with getting into any buildings in the red zone! Soooo more waiting!
Sorry vintage treasures on hold!
On a lighter note, this only the 2nd time I have worn this white dress.
I got it from "Wear else" a cute wee pre-loved boutique in the city.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Time away to just think!


Oh so happy with some new treasure!
This gorgeous 40's brown knit cardy was the find of the road trip.
The 60's vinyl bag was also a cool new addition to the collection.
All fun op-shop finds!
I have other new finds too, will show you sweetpeas soon.

Fur fix!!

Any good motel has a pussy cat or TWO so us cat lovers get our pat quota in.

NZ made.

In the motel cupboard.

It's the little things, like old china!

Run away!!

Hey sweetpeas we have been away the last few days. This is
Daisy boo's first road trip, and she went so well, we are such proud parents.
We went to our favorite motel in Timaru the "Sea Breeze" it's abit worn and loved, but has the best view of Coraline Bay!
We just wish the "Sea Breeze" was as it would have been in her hay-day. Circa 1950's we think.
Miss Boo looked so cool sitting outside her!!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sad cat!

Ok sweetpeas this is an update on the shops and our situation. Sorry we have been avoiding doing this as it is sad,
Time is ticking by and we have had people asking.
- red zone for both shops, it maybe 4-6 weeks before we know if we can get access, unfortunately it is looking like we may not have an opportunity to get in and save some of the treasures.
-both buildings have major damage, 2 squirrels may have to be demolished and tete a tete will probably need to be made safe before entry, we don't know the state of the stock.
- we have a small amount of stock at home.(not enough to start new shop)
-the car is trapped behind the building, both set of keys in shop.
-all records, cheque book, cash in till, jewellery, Hannahs birthday present, my glasses, MY MAKEUP BAG,and many other things are trapped in Tete a Tete vintage and Two squirrels!
The waiting is just horrible, these fab wee spaces and thing we love doing are just hanging in space.
We just want get in and rescue our treasure!!!
So we are sad cats(squirrels) with no jobs.
Maybe going a-little crazy!

Friday, March 25, 2011



This is the outfit.

I seem to own alot of brown or let's say chocolate (yummy)
coloured treasures!
I got this cute dress from the red cross shop in Christchurch, it is modern but it's polka dot.
The rest are all op-shop finds .
The boots have been the best ever, they are from the salvation army shop or sallies boutique when asked. I brought them about tens years ago, they are made in Italy and I paid about $8 for them. Such a great find.

Hankie in the bag

So this is today's! When I said match I meant more coordinating.

Ahhh chooo!

I remember as a child mum checking our pockets to make sure we had a hankie each day. Now it's tissues!!!
There is still some comfort in putting your hand in your pocket or handbag and seeing a fresh and pressed wee piece of fabric. Sorry I'm a hankie girl!!


I have a large collection of hankies!!!
Many who know me, know one of my wee obsessions is each day I match a hankie to my outfit. Oh dear! Sad yes?
I did a count up and it's not to bad:
66 adults
68 childrens
Estimate of 20 missing in action, hiding
in pockets.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Op-shop heaven!!

We found this wonderful little op-shop in Oxford. Key words budget and boutique! We found some great treasure, boo's back seat was full!!


Daisy-boo sits outside a cafe in Oxford.

Happiness is.....

Oh yes this is an old fashion lollipop!!!

Wish you were open!

Cute cute wee library

We went on a day trip in daisy-boo(our wee car) and came across this wee library in a little town called "Glentunnel"

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

50's frock.

This is the most beautiful dress, it was in the shop for about a year, she just didn't find someone to take her home. I put the bakelite buckle on and changed the cut of the collar, now she is my wee treasure.
It's lovely as I can dress her up for a night out or down for day wear.
Last night I had short cotton gloves, a patent leather long clutch,
Black stockings and heels. Lovely!

Night out!

Warren's mum and dad took us out for a meal. It was lovely to get dressed up and have a night out.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rainy grey day!!

We spent the day doing paper work, yucky.
I had to post a letter, so perfect to walk in the rain with an umbrella. It was lovely so fresh and still. That wonderful smell of damp autumn leaves.
This is one of my (42) favorite coats!!
I love summer but really love winter!!
Coats coats and more coats.

Knitty sparrow!!!

I made this brooch from removing the wee sparrow from one of the knitted scarecrow's you see all the time in op-shops.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Off to garage sale and church fair!
Warren and his mum (Marie) and I went out treasure hunting.
I got a couple of fun things which I will show you sweetpeas when I've done a few fix ups and washed them.
Pretty lazy day.
This is the longest break we have had from work in 5 years.
I miss the shops!!!

40's wool jacket/ beret/brooch

Red swallow bird brooch!

My lovely friend Katherine gave me this brooch.

Crazy red stripe socks!!!

Dress and bow

This is a cotton 60's dress in pink check, again it is one of my house dresses.
The gingham tie is from a modern top I got for $2 at an op-shop. I didn't like the top but saw the tie as something handy.

We remember!!!

Today we all stopped in Christchurch to honour those gorgeous people who were taken from us!!!!
Tuesday the
22nd February 2011 @ 12.51pm a date and time which has changed our lives forever.
May the love and kindness of what it means to be here and part of this wonderful world shine through.
Thank you to all our old and new friends for all the kind words, we are so blessed!!!
Love and happiness always
Vanessa and Warren xxxx

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Grandma's brooch!

Oh I forgot I was wearing my gorgeous grandma's rose brooch!
I have been so lucky to have been left such special treasures.

Vintage but not!

The dress I have on today is one I have had made by my gorgeous dressmaker Val.
The pattern is off one of my original 50's dresses. We have used vintage polished 50's fabric.
I have a few dresses like this, it has meant I can rest some of my original vintage.
They are the dresses who's history starts with me, I wonder if one day they will ever be hanging in a vintage shop waiting to go on a new journey with someone else?


We went to a meeting today for the CBD business owners. It was very much needed. We were able to touch base and go over some of the frustrations that are coming up. It was also good to know that there are many of us in the same boat.
But still we have know idea when or if we will be allowed to the shops.

Morgan was happy when we got home!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


So cool yesterday I brought these old school black gumboots from a op-shop! They are just like the ones that I had when I was a little girl.
It was raining here this morning and I was so wanting to go puddle jumping, then the sun came out, rats!
Oh winter I am so ready!!!

A happy happy email

We have had an email from Mirabel & Gareth to say they are safe!!!!
I think it maybe the best email we have ever received!
We just hope that they stay safe.
It is so hard to see the horrible images of what has happened in Japan.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sitting in the city!!!

Today we went into the city for the first time!!!
So so sad, the airy silence of a city stopped in it's tracks was ever present.
It is so hard to get your head around, we sat by the Avon river in the sun with the only noise being the little thumps of the acorns dropping to the ground.
How do you process this?
We are seeing the slow and painful demise of our wonderful shops, but here I sit smiling at acorns dropping! Go figure!!!
That may be the answer, just keep seeing the simple things! V

Farewell Vivace cafe & Fortuna books!

Signs of autumn!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sending love to you!!

We are just so sad to see what the huge earthquake had done to Japan!!!
Warren and I send our heartfelt love to you all!!! V&W

Oh please please be safe!!!!!!

We are so so worried about our dear friends Mirabel & Gareth!!!!
Please if any one had heard from them please let us know!!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rusty old girl

Off on my bike!!!

This is my old bomb of a bike!!!
My wonderful raspberry red bike(ruby) is trapped in two squirrels so I hope she is ok.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Hi guys! Not much to report, we still haven't been allowed in but this is what we know-
Two Squirrels Cashel Mall has been YELLOW stickered, which means limited access is allowed depending on the state of the surrounding buildings.

Tete a Tete Hereford st has been RED stickered, which means no access. But she is still standing and from what we understand the owner of the building wants to keep her standing.
Unfortunately the damage to the two buildings on the west side of Tete a Tete has been great, and we hear that they will have to be demolished.

It is still early days and nothing and nothing is certain.

Next week we find out wether we can get into the RED ZONE to see for ourselves!

Will post more updates when we have them.
Take care!!!
W&V xxx

Teddy today!!!!

Today to take my mind off the shops and everything that has happened, I went to the city mission as a volunteer.
It was great sorting through the clothes and treasures people have kindly donated.
The ladies at the shop were just lovely.
I was meant to be good and not buy anything, but this very loved shabby teddy wanted to be loved again! He is so worn, with some kind hand stitches keeping him together.
He just said take me home!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Out for lunch!

We decided to go into town for lunch as a wee treat.
We have more information about the shops which I will post tomorrow.
It's funny showing these dresses to you, as they are what I have as house dresses.
They are still great vintage dresses but all have been so loved that I don't wear them in the shops.
This is the most lovely paisley 60's cotton dress.
The label is "Lady Exeter" Horrockses fashions made in NZ.
My gorgeous friend Katherine gave me the most wonderful book about this label which I am just reading.
Horrockses fashion off-the-peg style in the 40's and 50's by Christine Boydell.

Very special brooch

This is the most gorgeous button brooch!!
Warren gave it to me for my birthday last year.
He brought it from "Form gallery" it's by Sophie Lewis-Smith and is called "Rabbit under the tree" .


This is such a great handbag to use!
It's a 1960's vinyl "bucket bag" with a very English lion symbol on it.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Walk in to town!

The days are starting to get that autumn feel, this is my favorite time of year. Mother earth getting ready to go to sleep for winter.
I walked into town to buy a Frankie magazine, yeah.
Bedtime will be pjs(polka dot) and mugs pussy to read my favorite mag!!!

Green dog Bakelite brooch