Friday, September 30, 2011

Little cherry blossom happiness...

Yesterday was one of those days where we had a shadow of yuck over us, nothing went right. Ended in tears.
Today I needed a pretty pink frock to make the blues of yesterday disappear. This gorgeous 50's party dress was in Tete a Tete vintage for about 6 months and never found a sweet-pea to take her home.
So I decided to make her my "I need to feel pretty dress", the party dress to wear in the day.
Just like a blossom fairy in the orchard, at the home of the Two Squirrels. Love V

Pink party dress

Happy spring day


Blossom dance

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Down south me and my man

Mr Warren and I have been down to Invercargill seeing Warren's mummy and daddy.
Came back with a car of treasure, lots of fun.
I got the great yellow crochet cardy at Retro Funk. Oh and don't you love the wee donkey, he was a fab present from the Funky owners. Ta guys!
Lots of other treasure I will share.
Yeah, open at the nest tomorrow, would love to see you sweet-peas.
Night night from a very tired squirrel.

Just me and my donkey!!!

Fun at Retro Funk

Far far away

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The best scarf ever!!!

This is one of the best scarves I have ever seen.
Yip it is a kids one, circa 50's I think. But the very best thing is it has bunnies on it that are painting carrots. Oh I am so in love with it.
It will require a carefully planned outfit that will high light this wee poppet. Stay tuned sweet-peas.

Painting , you guessed it CARROTS

Bunnies that paint

Cherry blossom

New perfume

This was my wee treat for spring!!!
L'Occitane cherry blossom perfume is just such a pretty scent.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Saturday again

So this is the beautiful silk 50's dress I worn out for tea on Saturday night.
It's the gorgeous frock I brought on the day that Retropolitan re-opened, she has been in waiting for her day in the spot light(sun light).
Sorry I look very tired in this photo.
Next post should be for that day. Love V

Last light

Ready for a night out

Beautiful silk

Little tapestry bag

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rewind to Saturday

Sorry sweet-peas this was meant to be last nights post. But it was a late night, my kid brother was down from Auckland. I haven't seen him for two years.
Anyhow this was Saturday's outfit. A lovely teal blue 50's dress with white flocking(so have to watch when you say that fast).
Oh so happy to find at last the most beautiful bird brooch(Tui) made by the amazing Katy. This is the said present that went to another dimension and nearly sent me to a crazy land trying to find it.
Katy makes the most treasured felt yummies, I am so lucky to be the very proud owner of so much of her work. Please click on her name to see her site.
Hmmm going to be on the back foot as have other Saturday pics to show you, we will have to pretend Saturday was Sunday and Monday! Love V

Play time

Smile squirrel!!!

Polaroid fun!!!

Between customers we had fun playing with a cool old Polaroid camera from 1976. The best thing was in my store of (previous life) photographic gear I have just the film for it.

So this is the selection of outdoor frocks.

I look like a car salesman showing the latest models. Tee hee

Saturday in the sun

Friday, September 23, 2011

Oh oh a new dress.

Oh I forgot to post this below.
This is a new spot dress that I just love. It is a great fit and in a love light cotton, navy blue, 50's I would say.
I brought it from Shelley at Ménage a Trois vintage in New Brighton.
So the madness continues with polka-dot dresses, yip I have vintage measles me thinks.
The little red swallow brooch was a gift from my friend Katherine.
Selby navy shoes, nice.
Ok sweet-peas that's it I think. See you tomorrow. Love V

Hello sweet-peas

So another lovely day in the nest, can you believe it's weekend four. Wow!
We had lots of beautiful and gorgeous ladies out today!!! Oops and one handsome man(sorry G).
The fabulous Helga came out and found a dress that looked absolutely gorgeous on her. We had the best time talking about fashion, vintage and blogging, oh and eating chocolate that she so kindly brought out.What a fun afternoon.
I realize now how much I missed these special connections with like minded lovelies.
Since we opened the nest it's that connection that has made my heart happy again.

Spot the frock

Another foot forward

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hunting Pussy willow!!!

I love love love pussy willow, thank you spring!!! We went a hunting for it the other day in Daisy Boo, success on the road side.
The cute wee grey velvet fluffy buds are just heavenly.
When I grow up I want to be a pussy willow tree!!!

Happiness is.....

Finding a complete set of "pussy willow " dinner set at Sallies. I was in crockery heaven!!!!

Pussy willow cup and saucer

Pussy willow plates

Pussy willow

Ready for a new home

I have had a big sort out and about 14 of my frocks are up for a new adventure with a new sweet-pea!!!!!
Many have been in post on the blog!!! Sort of famous! Well not really.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Black Betty cafe

We had a few things to do in the city today.We had lunch at Black Betty cafe for the first time. It was very nice, very busy.
It was a lovely day but the wind was icy cold.
Busy day tomorrow we are changing all the displays in the shop.
Note to sweet-peas who are my size, I have had a big sort out of my frocks and they are going onto the nest this weekend. All washed and ready to be treasured by a new gorgeous vintage poppet. Love V

Squinty squirrel

Bright light

Oh VIP fabric darling!!'

The Nest

We have a few lovely poppets ask about the nest(shop) so here are the details......
63 Ashley street
Look for Daisy-Boo in the drive(cream Austin)
Open: Friday Saturday Sunday
10am to 5pm
Or by special appointment
Phone : 03 313 0582
Note if you have one of our postcard a wee squirrel made a mistake with the phone number!!!
Love to see you soon

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Daisy dress for ride in daisy-boo

Hi sweet-peas
Sorry I was not feeling so good yesterday, I had a big fall on Sunday morning, my knees and elbows are bruised and grazed. I am such a ninny!
So to make me feel better today I am wearing the cute we dress I brought at a market. Oh so 70's, I love pinafore dresses. The small floral print and the polka dots in a peasant style just perfect. Just hope I'm not to old for it.
Wearing the knit hat the lovely Shirley from "The Barn on Giles" gave me. They open in a few weeks, check out there blog for details.
Sorry looking tired, hard to sleep when you are pretty sore. Love V

Little orange basket

70's daisy

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Washing at work

One of the new novelties of working in your backyard is that you can hang out the washing between customers.
Lines of beautiful vintage scarves in the wind so pretty.
Another sunny day, lovely to wear a 50's cotton day dress. I love this one but have decided she is ready to find a new home. So after a turn on the clothes line she will be in the shop next weekend. Love V

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Peter pan collar again

New phase: Peter pan collars and bright primary colours.
I am sure you sweet-peas understand this, my wardrobe is directly effected by mood and certain phases.
Bright colour seems to reflect that we finally have something bright happening. Yeah to a pop up nest with vintage treasure in the backyard.
Have a BRIGHT and happy weekend sweet-peas. Love V

Walking in the orchard