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So so not going to happen!

Bye bye!!!

Poor wee shop!

Riccarton markets

Pink rose brooch

Market finds

End of another week!

Edwardian pantaloon's

Off to town sweetpeas.

Warm winter dress.

Handbag & gloves

Detail on the 40's dress

Green velvet hat.

Grrrr a Nessie squirrel!!!

Knitty squirrel!

Squirrel's everywhere!

Forrest squirrel.

Squirrel felt brooch!

Beach day.


Nessie sea-monster!

Grrrr Warren sea-monster!!!

Getting ready for a beach walk.

Great place for photography.

Pink roses today!

Lunch in the park.

Hello Mr Warren!!!

Still locked out

Miss cats eyes!!

Silk paisley 40's scarf.

Very English lion!

Red lace-ups

Heart on my sleeve!

Waiting for boo!

Little heart to heart!!!

Spotty monster!!