Monday, May 30, 2011

So so not going to happen!

Today we had 60mins access to Tete a Tete vintage for the first time in 14 weeks. It was very very sad to see all our lovely vintage treasures in such a state.
So many breakages and everything is covered in a thick layer of dirt.
We managed to get a few things out, but it is all pretty yucky.
It was just heart breaking and there were a few tears.

Bye bye!!!

Poor wee shop!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Riccarton markets

Today was a gorgeous sunny day after Jack frost was here over night.
We decided to go to the markets after we had friends stay the night.
Knit layers were needed, this is the wonderful 40's knit dress I brought a few months ago. I just love full knit dresses, I have a collection of knitting pattern from the 40's with so many styles of them.
It is so cosy to wear, in the lovely dusty pink colour, worn with brown 40's coat.

Pink rose brooch

Market finds

The wee duck bag is so cute!! Three fab scarves and shoes.

Friday, May 27, 2011

End of another week!

I am not sure where the weeks are going, it will be 14 weeks on Tuesday since we were last in the shops.
Wearing today the wee knit dress I got last weekend at the red cross shop, over a lovely blouse with a charming collar(present from Hannah). The flower mother of pearl brooch is from Two Squirrels vintage, and the fab pantaloons.

Edwardian pantaloon's

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Off to town sweetpeas.

Today we went into town to a few of our favourite vintage places that are still open in Christchurch. So many closed, it is so sad.
I found a heavenly 50's dress at "Follow the White Rabbit's"earthquake sale, it was so nice to see the gorgeous Vicky, go to there Facebook page for information.
Also found a few other treasures I will share with you sweetpeas in due course.
I am wearing one of Tete a Tete's coats today, it was at home to be cleaned before the earthquake. So what can a girl do on a cold day but let this darling have a day in town.

Warm winter dress.

This is such a lovely dress to wear, I brought it last year from "Lavender & Lace" in Waimate.
A wonderful example of a wool day dress, so lucky to find a 40's dress that fits me. There are not to many of this circa for bigger curvy girls like me.
It has the most beautiful glass buttons.

Handbag & gloves

A couple of weeks ago my mum gave me this handbag, so so happy as it was my gorgeous grandma's. I miss her so much.
The gloves are cotton, with leather trim, 50's.

Detail on the 40's dress

Green velvet hat.

Sorry at the last minute I decided to wear a hat.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Grrrr a Nessie squirrel!!!

These are the ears that the gorgeous Mirabel made for me when we opened Two Squirrels vintage two years ago.
Today I was in a mad mad squirrel mood!!! Nuts nuts and more nuts!!!
As you can see it carried on for most of the day.

Knitty squirrel!

There are a few more than just this one!! Knitty I mean!!

Squirrel's everywhere!

Forrest squirrel.

Well it is our very over grown backyard that looks like a Forrest. It could be hiding squirrel's for all we known.
Wearing my gorgeous 70's possum fur coat. The best op- shop buy ever, it is so snug to wear. Super squirrel look!!!

Squirrel felt brooch!

Sorry I was wearing this wee brooch yesterday and was meant to tell you about it. Made by the ever so talented Katy at

Monday, May 23, 2011

Beach day.

Today we went to Birdlings Flat. We moved out to the beach when we first came to Christchurch.
It was so nice to see our old little house, but best of all was the picnic and walk on the beach.
I love this beach and in the time we lived there I spent many many hours on it.
The beach is famous for its agates and gem stones.
The echo of your steps in the stones feels like you are walking in the footprints of the past. Old souls and history wrap around you and heal.
Clear heads and hearts.


We found the coolest piece of sea weed on the beach!!
A sea-monster game needed to be played!!!!

Nessie sea-monster!

Grrrr Warren sea-monster!!!

Getting ready for a beach walk.

Great place for photography.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pink roses today!

We had our most gorgeous friends over for lunch today.
It was so lovely to get together, it had been so long.
I made a bacon & egg pie and Warren made cookies and scones.
So just a quick photo before they arrived.
Went with "pink rosebud dress" a lovely 50's cotton, worn with a cotton wrap cardy and rose in hair.
Oh and the cutiest white enamel bow brooch.
Happy happy day today!!! So nice to send time with good friends!!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lunch in the park.

We went and had lunch in the park today, it was lovely and sunny but the wind was very cold. ( that's why I look cold).
I am wearing a 50's foral green day dress, she is homemade. It's one of my always feel comfortable dresses.
Feeling a little smile coming back after a sad day yesterday.

Hello Mr Warren!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Still locked out

Hey sweetpeas, after another day of more phone calls to our insurance company and dealing with the sad truth that we are still waiting for some answers about Tete a Tete and Two Squirrels.
I feel another belt of tears coming!!!
For twelve weeks now Warren and I have woken to a sad fact that the wonderful wee shops that we poured our heart and soul into are gone.
We have had such lovely support from so many, but the sad fact is that all the wonderful treasure we have collected are trapped in the shops and as time passes our lives are sinking and hearts with it.
I just don't know how you are meant to deal with this.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Miss cats eyes!!

Today I had tired eyes after reading very late last night!
So out with the glasses.
I love cats eye glasses and found this great pair at Groovy glasses in the city.
They have one of the best selection of vintage styles.

Silk paisley 40's scarf.

Very English lion!

This is a gorgeous hand stitched lion on silk. The age is an unknown, I would say it is quite old.
It's beautifully done, I wonder what it's history is??

Red lace-ups

It's great to get the winter shoes out, I love these 60's leather red shoes.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Heart on my sleeve!

Sorry sweetpeas I somehow lost all my text from the posts below.
So here goes again.
The skirt I am wearing today is the most wonderful 50's fabric, it was made by my lovely friend Jane.
I had the best find in this knit jumper a few weeks ago, the colour works well with the skirt.
At last I was able to wear the wonderful 40's green coat I brought.
The cut is simple and I just love the sleeve detail(see above), vintage coats are just so special to wear.
Wool gabardine, make International models.

Waiting for boo!

Daisy- boo was in for her WOF today.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Little heart to heart!!!

The other night I spent the night making brooches out of a kids jigsaw puzzle. This is just one of about 12 I have made.

Spotty monster!!

Today I had set in my mind I was going to wear the great tweed jacket I found a few weeks ago.
Now I am sure that you sweetpeas have this happen, you go to the wardrobe and have a plan of what you are going to wear. Yes? Then the monster that lives in the wardrobe says "oh no" it's polka dots not tweed today!
So here is the monster choice!!
Oh that monster also hides things, shrinks things, and keeps secrets when asked if that was a new purchase!


These are so nice to wear and they are as cute as a button!!!