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Tagging the treasure!!!

Hmmmm what's this????

But it's in the bag!!!!

In a spin!!!!

So much work!!!!

Hmmm so many hats

Stop playing with the hats

Should clean the mirrors

Put up the pictures

Have to price the dresses

Oh need to measure the fabric

Still need to dust

Still sorting things out

Blue dress take three....

60's cotton cutie!!!

Oh so not a model!!!

Coffee treat!

Love a full skirt!

Guess where I am???

On the big countdown

The day it all got squashed!

Spots and flowers!

Break time!

Refreshing drink in the making

Yummy lemons

Garden girl

Happy little plants




The best kind of day!!!!

To warm for a coat!!!

Oh what a beautiful day

Lavender rose

Oh oh two vintage frocks!!!!

Such a special coat!!!

Say cheese!!!


Beautiful gloves

New favourite dress