There are SQUIRRELS in New Zealand..........

Hello poppets.......

Yesterday with a Christmas wish lists in hand from each of us we set off to do our Christmas shopping in Dunedin city. How exciting to explore a new place to find treasure.
But as we always seem to do, we got side tracked and went to the museum to look at treasure behind glass. We both had fond memories as kids going to the "Animal Attic" or dead critter space up stairs in the museum. Its not as creepy "Victorian" as it used to be but it has squirrels so I was pretty happy.
I was also taken by the fuzzy little green parrot who really was quite mad.

Right thats enough fluffing about, down to some serious Christmas shopping!!!!

I had a very success time and managed to tick all but one thing on the list.

I even found a wee present to pop in Basil, since we really don't have room for a christmas tree, this knitted one with pom-poms on it was perfect. Oh I forgot the shops name where it came from, its in George street and has lots of handcrafted Nanna stuff. The ladies in there were just gems and said I looked like Mary Poppins with my umbrella. 'Snap' Miss Helga!!!!

I had a few minutes for an op-shop and found a lovely floral nightie to wear as a dress and the mad Santa made from fuzzy pipe cleaners.

Very thirsty work this shopping.

Love V

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