Friday, December 14, 2012

Remembering when I was little.......

Hi Sweet-peas......

I just adore roses and if I could have a bunch in every room of the house forever a happy wee 
squirrel I would be. (also if we had a home)
But if asked what my favorite flower is, the answer would be as it has been since I was a little girl......

The dainty and always pretty


My lovely grandmother would especially make sure they were in her beautiful garden.
One of my earliest memories is being in the garden with her picking them.
When I see cornflowers now a wonderful sense of inner peace swirls inside me, and the lovely memory of childhood.

We are staying in Kingston at Warren's mum & dads crib (oh thats a holiday home).
Marie, Warren's mum has a gorgeous cottage garden with a gentle stream running through it and an ivy covered bridge. 

Happiness is picking a bunch of cornflowers.......

Oh I love sweet-peas too!!!!!!!

Thats you.....

Love V


  1. If I could be anywhere right now I'd love to be picking sweet-peas with you in Kingston! I hope you are having a lovely time at the family bach. You look so pretty in that frock, I love the wee collar. Love to you & Mr W as we approach the magical time of Christmas. Xx

  2. You look divine nestling amongst the exotic greenery like that, my beautiful Vanessa! I'm such a townie, i had no idea what cornflowers looked like until today, they are so pretty they don't look real! x

  3. Wow those are some beautifully dainty little flowers I just adore them but you among them are the prettiest. You and Warren have really inspired me to get back into nature and back in beauty. Thanks for that!

  4. Your newest follower reporting here! :) Loving your sweet style and smile...


  5. Sweetpeas! Cornflowers! Ivy covered bridge and streams and rolling green hills... how perfect this beautiful place is for you, V! You look so happy and relaxed and pretty! Big hugs, Sarah xxx

  6. Wow - such a beautiful spot you're staying in! You looks do adorable as always and that vase of cornflowers is so pretty. I home you're finding it ok returning to "real life" again xoxo

  7. You look so beautiful in this gorgeous setting, Vanessa, it suits you perfectly! What a lovely little posy, and your stripey pinafore dress is adorable! xxx

  8. O,the dear wee cornflower! They are lovely.I'
    m a fan of blowsy,overblown flowers,funnily dahlias,camellias,carnations,lilies....
    How delightful you look,Miss V,just a little schoolgirlish and ever so pretty!Great setting!

  9. So many beautiful flowers! An idyllic setting, another lovely picture book scene. I hope life is as peaceful as these photos. The warmth is so welcome in these cold, rainy days here.