Thursday, February 28, 2013

My heart is singing..................

Hello lovely sweet-peas!!!!

We have moved into our new home.
We are both exhausted but running on the wonderful energy that comes from finding a place to be creative, love and live.

We have really found our 


From "St Brigids"

Love V&W

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Hello gorgeous sweet-peas....

Look who we had coffee with today!!!!!!!
Yip in honor of the truly scrumptious Miss Helga and Mr G a very big
It was so much fun.

We are so close now to the moving day I am just beside myself with happiness.....


Over the past week we have found a few things for our new home/church....
 & me....Ooops!! tee hee

*New garden tools from the lovely wee shop at Cust called "Querky Style"
Veggie garden must.

*New winter wooly pom-pom hat from "Amberley Recycling"
For working in the veggie garden.

*Brown lace up shoes from the "Vintage Cupboard"
Sensible walking shoes, very church like.

*Mr Monkey from "The Mill" at Waikuku.
Just too cute.

*Very sweet bedtime bunnies picture from "Twine" in Waikuku
Because it is BUNNIES!!!!

Yay only 7 more sleeps.

Love V

Monday, February 11, 2013

Balancing Act.........

Hello Sweet-peas!!!

Sooooo "TWO WEEKS" today we will be in our new home and my poor wee mind is going crazy with anticipation!!!!!!!!
My head is filled with moments of soft floating dandelion fairies as I daydream about our new home. 
Then it is filled with the craziness that is moving from one part on the South Island to the other.
Silly little mind, please find some balance!!!!

In the mean time it is always nice to have a lovely new vintage dress to wear, especially when it comes from the superstar that is Miss Helga Von Trollop.
Thank you gorgeous lady.

Love V

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Could you be anymore cute........

Hello sweet-peas....

We are back in Canterbury for a few days staying at my Mum & Dad's sorting out a moving company.
It was so exciting to arrive to a bundle of package's for my birthday........yay yay yay!!!!

Birthday number two.........
Look at what a truly scrumptious Miss Helga and G sent me....
The most CUTE wee white whicker handbag, I just love it and had to wear a dress to match today. Also in the parcel was the most fabulous dress and white tights, so so happy.
I will be showing the dress soon,  its a honey.
Tee Hee more parcels.....
The amazing 50's manicure set was from my Mummy & Daddy and the book on vintage handkerchief's  from my beautiful friend Katherine.
Darling Christina also sent a parcel of joy, thank you for making me feel so special.
I am feeling very spoilt and can recommend having a second birthday every year....

Love V

PS we have no coverage at ma&pa's so sorry I can't play with all you lovely bloggers.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday stroll........

Hello Sweet-peas....

We have had a lovely relaxed Sunday in Invercargill.
We decided to visit the art gallery and beautiful gardens at "Anderson Park".
I spent ages chasing the bumble bees in the beautiful lavender with my camera and was thrilled to get a few great photographs of them buzzing around being very busy.
It was nice to sit outside the gallery and watch lots of families having fun in the garden with there kiddies. 
Warren wore the very stylish vintage sunnies I found for him in Lawrence last week at a wee second hand shop in a ladies garage, they were a whole $2.00, Yay.
I was so happy to find the leather satchel in an op-shop this week, it has just the right amount of wear. It didn't really go with the dress and shoes but I was excited to use it anyway.
I must say after nearly 6 months since my wardrobe was packed away in to storage I am starting to really miss it.
We hope you had a delightful weekend......

Love V

Friday, February 1, 2013

Hello February........

Happy new month sweet-peas!!!

Now I can say we are moving in to our new home this month.......Yay YAy yAy!!!!
You guys are so lovely with all the wonderful comments, thank you, we felt all warm and fuzzy reading them.
Many of you spotted the brilliant glass-house at the church, which I have to say was one of the things that sold us on "St Biddies". 
This means we are going to be little green thumb squirrels,  growing lots of veggies and fruit.
We are also going to be busy with the orchard and the fabulous flower garden.
To get inspired, here I am in Warren's mum beautiful garden wearing the floral dress(nightie) I bought at the Auckland vintage market.

love V