Sunday, February 17, 2013


Hello gorgeous sweet-peas....

Look who we had coffee with today!!!!!!!
Yip in honor of the truly scrumptious Miss Helga and Mr G a very big
It was so much fun.

We are so close now to the moving day I am just beside myself with happiness.....


Over the past week we have found a few things for our new home/church....
 & me....Ooops!! tee hee

*New garden tools from the lovely wee shop at Cust called "Querky Style"
Veggie garden must.

*New winter wooly pom-pom hat from "Amberley Recycling"
For working in the veggie garden.

*Brown lace up shoes from the "Vintage Cupboard"
Sensible walking shoes, very church like.

*Mr Monkey from "The Mill" at Waikuku.
Just too cute.

*Very sweet bedtime bunnies picture from "Twine" in Waikuku
Because it is BUNNIES!!!!

Yay only 7 more sleeps.

Love V


  1. ahh you must be back in the vicinity name checking all my fave second hand shops. have driven by querky style but not been in yet, must do. sooo looking forward to seeing you guys settling in and styling up your new place x

  2. How exciting that you will be in your very own special nest soon. We love visiting Lawrence, & now it will definitely be on our itinerary! And catching up with Helga & G deserves a big Squeeeeee! You look delightful in brown. We are finally home from our holidays....I've still been reading your posts on my phone, but it's rather a poo to try to comment. So here I am!!!!! Xx

  3. You look so sweet in this dress and that shovel:) I love seeing you and miss Helga in the same frame, so much! Can't wait until the church is yours! What fun that place will be and you are so deserving!

  4. You look like a land girl V, a very sweet one x

  5. Aw, you and Helga look fabulous. I love your sensible shoes. You must be so excited about the move.

  6. Great pic of you and Helga! So excited for you guys and your imminent move! Xo

  7. A Squirrel in the tomato plants, how sweet.

    Lucky you! Coffee with Helga and G!

  8. You look adorable! I'm excited for you and very happy to see you and Helga together. xxx

  9. SQUEEEEEEE indeeeeeeeed!
    How fabulous to meet up with darling Helga and G, AND to be so very close to your moving day!
    When you have time, Vanessa, would you let me have your new address? I have a wee house-warming something to send you...
    Loving your hat and the cute bunnies! xxxx

  10. I love your hat, it looks so cosy. Fancy meeting the one and only Helga too, I'm so envious. x

  11. I'm glad to see you together because I follow both of blogs and I love them! Kisses x x x x

  12. EEEE your pom pom hat is ever so sweet.
    YAY coffee with Helga and G (Sounds like so much fun!!!)
    Mr.monkey is adorable!
    I cant wait to see your new home.

  13. Ooo, you look just like a gorgie Land Girl with that spade!! Hurrah!
    O, it was sooooo ,lovely to spend time with you two lovelies!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  14. Everything is beautifully perfect for St Biddies! I'm exceedingly jealous but so pleased you've got a beautiful home... And obviously jealous you met the one and only Helgs! Xxxx

  15. Beautiful Pics! You've got a great Blog.

    Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know ;)

    Kisses from the UK :*

  16. Im so excited for you to and cant wait to see you transform your new home. You are just so beautiful inside and out. So lovely that you met up with Helga to :-) Love your new clothes to. Good luck with the move, dee xx

  17. you met helga! great!
    can't wait to see your new home.