Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Could you be anymore cute........

Hello sweet-peas....

We are back in Canterbury for a few days staying at my Mum & Dad's sorting out a moving company.
It was so exciting to arrive to a bundle of package's for my birthday........yay yay yay!!!!

Birthday number two.........
Look at what a truly scrumptious Miss Helga and G sent me....
The most CUTE wee white whicker handbag, I just love it and had to wear a dress to match today. Also in the parcel was the most fabulous dress and white tights, so so happy.
I will be showing the dress soon,  its a honey.
Tee Hee more parcels.....
The amazing 50's manicure set was from my Mummy & Daddy and the book on vintage handkerchief's  from my beautiful friend Katherine.
Darling Christina also sent a parcel of joy, thank you for making me feel so special.
I am feeling very spoilt and can recommend having a second birthday every year....

Love V

PS we have no coverage at ma&pa's so sorry I can't play with all you lovely bloggers.


  1. Oh no - did I miss your birthday dear Miss V? In that case I shall have to make sure that your housewarming parcel is a doozy! You are the cutest cutie pie of all the cutie patooties - the polka dot frock with the gingham belt is fab and I LOVE the gorgeous basket! How many sleeps until you move into the church?

    Sarah xxx

  2. I totally missed your birthday Miss V! But happy birthday - the only thing cuter than your present is you. I LOVE your frock - its to die for and I can't wait to see the dress Helga sent you. Good luck with the moving company, you will be so happy to have all your frocks back:D

  3. WHOOT!
    Yay you got the parcel....and you've worn the baggage beautifully! Spots go with everything, of course!

  4. In answer to your question - no, you couldn't be any cuter! Neither could that little wicker bag, that gorgeous manicure set, or the beautiful polka dot frock!
    Two birthdays - you are like the Queen! xxx

  5. You ARE the cutest and that bag from Helga and G is so pretty and so you, I can't wait to see the dress! I love the one you're wearing.
    That manicure set and book are gorgeous, too! x

  6. What a gorgeous bag - and you look fab! Happy birthday (again!)

  7. You look gorgeous in that polka dot dress and the bag goes so beautifully with it. Happy birthday! xx

  8. gorgeous gifts....bag is amazing! happy 2nd birthday! x

  9. The perfect handbag for the perfect dress with red pin. You must always be showered with gifts as wonderful as these!

  10. I agree with Curtise ... I seriously do not think you could get any cuter you darling, darling woman!!! Oh my gawd the wee bag is adorbs!!!! xoxoxo

  11. You look adorable and gorgeous love all your goodies, dee xx

  12. Great presents! Especially the wicker handbag is wonderful. And you paired it so nicely with that polka dot dress. You look really happy with it. Best wishes!

  13. That purse isn't as cute as you but it's close! HAppy 2nd BDAY! all these treats are so sweet and I can't wait to see your new dress.

  14. I'm such a book whore and this one looks amazing! off to look it up. That bag is utterly gorgeous! quite unusual. And I love your pretty dress too!

  15. Such a cute bag, happy belated birthday x

  16. this bag is too lovely to be true!

    birthday?! oh, happy belated birthday.