Friday, February 1, 2013

Hello February........

Happy new month sweet-peas!!!

Now I can say we are moving in to our new home this month.......Yay YAy yAy!!!!
You guys are so lovely with all the wonderful comments, thank you, we felt all warm and fuzzy reading them.
Many of you spotted the brilliant glass-house at the church, which I have to say was one of the things that sold us on "St Biddies". 
This means we are going to be little green thumb squirrels,  growing lots of veggies and fruit.
We are also going to be busy with the orchard and the fabulous flower garden.
To get inspired, here I am in Warren's mum beautiful garden wearing the floral dress(nightie) I bought at the Auckland vintage market.

love V


  1. So much lovely colour in her garden it looks beautiful and i can tell its lovely and warm there to. I cant wait for the summer i hope we get one this year i cant wait to feel the warmth of the sun. You look beautiful cant wait to see your home build when you move in. dee xx

  2. Wonderful pictures, i love your smile. You look so fresh and excited but relaxed! Congrats again to your beautiful new home ! XX Tani

  3. Ah yes that was a rather large green house, why I reckon you could feed us all with the tasty treats you'll be growing. You look lovely in the garden daydreaming not doubt about your new place!

  4. That greenhouse would have sold the house to me, too! I can just see you pottering around it, watering tomatoes, barefoot and in that pretty floral frock!
    Here's to a wonderful February. xxx

  5. Oh your new home, and its fabulous greenhouse, is going to be perfect for you and Warren!
    You look absolutely beautiful, Vanessa, wandering about that lovely garden in your nightie! Just gorgeous. xxxx

  6. I love your dress!!
    I'm so happy for you:)! Kisses x x x x

  7. SO glad to have found your blog! We, too, have just moved 'back home' and are in the process of un-newing a new house so that it suits our vintage and antique tastes. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, Jan

    It's all TOO wonderful!!!
    My darling Squirrels, you have a HOME!
    G and I are looking forward to visiting!!!!
    So pleased, happy and THRILLED to bits for you both!

  9. Hurrah for wearing nighties as day wear!! And double hurrah for your wonderful house, it looked wonderful, I bet you can't wait to move in!!

  10. That pretty nightie/dress is absolutely GORGEOUS and I love the beautiful garden setting, my love. I cannot WAAAAAAIT for you guys to move into the amazing church!!!

    Sarah xxx

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