Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ratty cats and stick insects.........

Hi Sweet-peas the squirrels will be based in Sefton for the next week, Basil goes to the mechanic on Tuesday and its just lovely relaxing at Ma & Pa's.
My mums garden is just beautiful with all the flowers and trees saying hello to spring.
We are enjoying having two wee pussy-cats to play with and get a fur fix, even when "Liddy" is very unhappy about being picked up, look at that we furry wee face. Meow!!!!
"Ally" was a bit more friendly.
Natural history is also featuring in the garden,  "Stick insects" amazing big ones. Perfect for Warren to put on his Safari hat and play David Attenborough. As you can see I was a little bit of a scaredy cat.

Love V&W 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Lots of inside days.......

Hello Sweet-peas we have had more coverage issues.
The last few days have been very wet and cold, this has meant lots of reading and quick walks when the weather breaks. Yay for the books we found at the Bookramma. I have been reading kiddies books from the 20's and 30's, lots of terribly good fun and all that!!!!
We are heading to my Ma & Pa's today at Sefton. 
Basil is off to the doctors for a bit of a tickle up before we start the big adventure to the North Island.
Looking forward to catching up with friends and family.

Love V&W

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Delightful days.........

Oh what a lovely couple of days......
On Monday the squirrels packed up Basil and headed to Winchester for a market day, it was a sunny day, but the wind was a little nippy. There was about 100 stalls, Warren was happy to find an owl, hmmm more shell art, but look at that happy face.
Then we were off to Ashburton for the "boulevard day", wow was it busy!!!!
The main street is closed and all the shops have markets outside, with lots of other stalls.
I was very good and only bought a couple of very small pieces of 50's fabric, and some yummy cornish  pasties for lunch.
After a cuppa in Basil with my sister who was traveling back to Christchurch, we settled into the camping ground for the night ready for todays adventure.
What fun it was.......
Bookorama, brilliant!!!!! If we were not traveling I think both of us would have gone just crazy. So many rows of great books. I spent most of my time in the kids section, so happy with some of the wee gems we found.
Then it was off to the art gallery and museum before lunch.
Today was traveling day and we have found ourselves in Methven, a small town that is the gateway to the Mt Hutt ski field.
It was such a warm day here we settled Basil in and went on the most gorgeous walk around the edges of the town. The trail through the forrest was enchanting and it felt like some of the fairytale books I had been looking at that morning.

Just a delightful day.....

love V&W

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday afternoon...... Lets go to the cinema.....

We have had the most lovely weekend in Geraldine.
My mum and dad came to stay at the camping ground for the night, they stayed in one of the very nice chalets with on-suite bathroom, I was a bit envious being a gypsy squirrel.
The weather has been gorgeous and we have had a great look around this quaint wee town.
Mum gave me a wee present, the pretty compact was my grandmothers, I just love the colour.
After mum and dad left today we decided to go to the movies, well what a wonderful experience.
The owners where just so lovely they let us look at the old projector room and photograph around the place. The cinema is just amazing and at $10.00 to see a movie it was such an affordable experience  for the touring squirrels. This also meant I could get more treats at the "candy bar" Yay!!!

We so wish we were here for next weekend, because Don McGlashan is performing at the Cinema! If you want to find out more we have put a link on our Facebook Page.

Tomorrow we are off to a big Market in Winchester and Ashburton so excited!!

Love V&W

Saturday, September 22, 2012

It all must have a purpose.....

Because Basil is so small all my little op-shop finds must have a reason for coming on board to tour with us.......
So purpose is as follows....
*Lovely patchwork tea-cosy that did not fit kettle, new hat.
*Tacky lamb postcards to send to friends.
*1977 english House and Gardens, light reading.
*Fabric bag so cute, so handy.
*Bunny cross breed kangaroo toy???? keep Seymour company.
*Retro coffee mug and placemats.
*Kitty pot holder for handling the hot kettle.
Another to crochet cushion, well you just cannot have to many cushions I say.....

Love V&W

PS: Some answers to questions.
 Kitty, the North Island is on the tour, Yay!!!
 Claire, Seymour was named by Warren for No reason,
I like that he will "see more" than most stuffed ferrets, tee hee
Leisa, The little green clock on Facebook was a great find in a church op-shop in Timaru.
Thank you lovely sweet-peas for all your wonderful comments, if we get free Wi-Fi, I will pop into say Hi on your lovely blogs.
love v

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hmmmm Who is Seymour??????

Is he a pussy-cat?
Is he a Furry Ferret??
Or a running bunny???

Well Mr Seymour is the little furry ferret who has joined the squirrels on tour in Basil.
He is our new guard ferret, when we leave Basil,  Mr Seymour is set to growl and protect our wee home on wheels.
We found him at Tiger Lily in Omarau, and the lovely lady is selling the business to go live on a canal boat in the UK, yay!!!!

So where are the squirrels?
In Timaru, its been lovely, my favorite op-shops, seeing friends and mooching around.
Mr Bunny brooch is a kind present from my dear friend Jo, we had a wonderful night with her and her partner Marc last night. They live in Pleasant Point in an old Masonic Lodge which they are doing up, it's just fabulous.
The handsome black & white pussy is a holiday park cat and he is sitting by the computer as I am posting and has just smooched Mr Seymour, funny.
Oh the cotton plaid dress is a great find at my favorite op-shop.
So much fun.
Travel day tomorrow.

love V&W

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Buzz buzzing around in Basil..........

After a night in Kurow we travelled to Omarama, I wanted to show Warren the "Clay Cliffs".
I have been a few times on photographic expeditions and have been effected by the hunting beauty and airiness of a place that feels like it holds stories from the past.
Unfortunately the weather came in so stormy and it was horribly cold, wet and windy.
It was a case of running in snapping a few pics and get out before we got stuck there in Basil.
As you can see I look frozen, oh well another time.
Then it was a case of the weather chasing us, every stop we went to it came in, even snow flurries again. We have ended up in Fairlie, a few stops past in planned route.
It has paid off as today was just stunning. 
We have just been and had the most yummy wood-fired pizza at Poppa-G's here in Fairlie, after a two hour walk, just perfect.

Poppets we have been getting slammed with spam comments so we have been adjusting the settings,
just let us know if there is a problem commenting. 
Thank you for all the lovely comments about the trip, it has been wonderful to know you are traveling with us. Sending a very big furry squirrel hug, Basil Hug and Seymour Hug!!!!

Who's Seymour????


love V&W