Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hmmmm Who is Seymour??????

Is he a pussy-cat?
Is he a Furry Ferret??
Or a running bunny???

Well Mr Seymour is the little furry ferret who has joined the squirrels on tour in Basil.
He is our new guard ferret, when we leave Basil,  Mr Seymour is set to growl and protect our wee home on wheels.
We found him at Tiger Lily in Omarau, and the lovely lady is selling the business to go live on a canal boat in the UK, yay!!!!

So where are the squirrels?
In Timaru, its been lovely, my favorite op-shops, seeing friends and mooching around.
Mr Bunny brooch is a kind present from my dear friend Jo, we had a wonderful night with her and her partner Marc last night. They live in Pleasant Point in an old Masonic Lodge which they are doing up, it's just fabulous.
The handsome black & white pussy is a holiday park cat and he is sitting by the computer as I am posting and has just smooched Mr Seymour, funny.
Oh the cotton plaid dress is a great find at my favorite op-shop.
So much fun.
Travel day tomorrow.

love V&W


  1. Awww you look gorgeous in brown! I'm so glad you enjoyed Timaru. We visited there for the first time a few weeks back & I really liked it. Great op shops & such a cute main street. I SO wish we could have caught up during our trip. Fingers & toes crossed for next time. Love to you squirrels & to Basil & Mr Seymour. Xx

  2. Seymour is adorable! I love your outfit too, Vanessa :)

  3. Perfect coat and dress, I like that they match the autumn trees colours!Seymour is an adorable mascot for your wonderful adventures!

  4. Seymour is a bit scary. Ferrets are really popular around here, there's a man who frequently takes his into our local! The holiday cat is a handsome boy and your outfit is as pretty and stylish as always! xxx

  5. Oh mu, imagine living on a canal boot - that would be the life!

  6. Seymour is cray cray and perfect for scaring off everyone who shouldn't be nosing around. Your friends house sounds big and grand, keep on trucking love!

  7. I would be scared to sleep... with Seymour nearby!!! *lol*
    But the kitty is rather cute, I love his fuzzy face.
    You look lovely as usual and so cozy too!!
    Cold weather is fast approaching here. I just ordered a knit hat online and can't wait till it shoes up to keep my head warm. =D

  8. I love Seymour! Especially the little bow tie! I've never visited Timaru, I would love too though. An old school friend of mine lives there now. You two are having the most fabulos adventure!!

  9. Beautiful photos! I love cats:) kisses

  10. Is he called Seymour after Steve Buscemi's character in Ghost World who is introduced by a man selling a stuffed Mongoose at a garage sale? Or am I totally wrong?! Either way he's fab - I bet you want to keep that kitty too. I love your dress - so pretty! xxx

  11. Aww, as always your pics are a feast for the eyes. Just a question, will you be going around the North island as well?

  12. Gorgeous as always, dear heart! I love that horrifying ferret (I thought it was a mongoose). And I would love to see pics of your friend's Masonic Lodge! Sarah xxx

  13. Seymour is pretty fierce, even with his bow tie. I imagine he'll do great as a guard ferret. Such a cute cat, but he looks a bit grumpy :)

    Love your outfit and that adorable brooch!

    Nikki x