Hmmmm could I ever not op-shop??????

Well sweet-peas the answer is NO!!!!
The trouble is that I don't have a little house to put the treasure in, just a very little abode "Basil".
Theses are some of the things that I just could not leave:
The dress I am wearing $3.00 in Riverton
Two beautiful pieces of vintage fabric $1.00 each Riverton
Fabulous Vintage pillowcase 50c Balclutha
70's floral eiderdown $4.00 Balclutha
Sad cat $1.00 
With fun cheap dresses I am going to wash and wear, then wash and donate them back to charity in the next town.

Its going to be hard for this wee hunting gathering squirrel!!!!
I just might have to be satisfied with finding treasure and photographing it, aahhhh!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

love V&W

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