Saturday, September 22, 2012

It all must have a purpose.....

Because Basil is so small all my little op-shop finds must have a reason for coming on board to tour with us.......
So purpose is as follows....
*Lovely patchwork tea-cosy that did not fit kettle, new hat.
*Tacky lamb postcards to send to friends.
*1977 english House and Gardens, light reading.
*Fabric bag so cute, so handy.
*Bunny cross breed kangaroo toy???? keep Seymour company.
*Retro coffee mug and placemats.
*Kitty pot holder for handling the hot kettle.
Another to crochet cushion, well you just cannot have to many cushions I say.....

Love V&W

PS: Some answers to questions.
 Kitty, the North Island is on the tour, Yay!!!
 Claire, Seymour was named by Warren for No reason,
I like that he will "see more" than most stuffed ferrets, tee hee
Leisa, The little green clock on Facebook was a great find in a church op-shop in Timaru.
Thank you lovely sweet-peas for all your wonderful comments, if we get free Wi-Fi, I will pop into say Hi on your lovely blogs.
love v


  1. Ooh, as usual, all of your treasures are lovely... and I especially LOVE the coffee cup and the lovely crocheted cushion! You look SPECTACULAR in the tea cosy! Sarah xxx

  2. So the cover of House and Garden hasn't changed since the 70s then!! Everything you buy is so adorable but super stylish and kitsch! The bunnyroo is so cute. You have to keep that tea cosy! It makes a great hat!

  3. Lots of great treasures there! I thought the House and Gardens were modern too - the magazine on top looks very recent, but the tiles on the middle copy are a bit of a giveaway for the seventies :).

    Never mind about the Tea Cosy, you could perhaps open the seam to return it to it's former use, but I do rather like it as a hat!

    Nikki x

  4. Are those lamb postcards still doing the rounds? I loved them as a kid in NZ:)). I adore your "new" squirrel who I'm sure will keep Seymour drooling and look at your new bag and cushion and oh, everything! xo

  5. It's so cool to hear about your adventures, think of you lots big huggs Libi and Ronny xx

  6. Great hat, Miss V! I assumed the bunny/kangaroo crossbreed was a red squirrel, but whatever he is, I hope he is keeping Seymour company. xxx

  7. Oh good grief, the tea cosy come hat is utterly fabulous and you're right, lots of cushions is de rigour. xx

  8. So beautiful bunny:) Lovely photos! Kisses

  9. I love the new hat!!!
    We loved our tacky lambie postcard, thank you very much!
    I suspect you'll be getting very creative as to uses for your newfound treasures!You can't leave them behind! And no matter how flimsy the "use" is, I know Warren will buy it cos he loves you!

  10. I love that first photo with the "hat" - I'm sure your burst out laughing just after that photo was taken.

    I LOVE those tacky postcards! In fact I'm sure I sent that same postcard to a penfriends in the late 1980's when I was still in primary school.

  11. I have to agree, that new hat rocks. Cute little kitty cat, too.

  12. Your tea cozy will keep your brain nice and toasty warm! It's lovely as a hat.

  13. You make everything cuter! For reals you do. I think I just found a new use for an old tea-cosy too.