It all must have a purpose.....

Because Basil is so small all my little op-shop finds must have a reason for coming on board to tour with us.......
So purpose is as follows....
*Lovely patchwork tea-cosy that did not fit kettle, new hat.
*Tacky lamb postcards to send to friends.
*1977 english House and Gardens, light reading.
*Fabric bag so cute, so handy.
*Bunny cross breed kangaroo toy???? keep Seymour company.
*Retro coffee mug and placemats.
*Kitty pot holder for handling the hot kettle.
Another to crochet cushion, well you just cannot have to many cushions I say.....

Love V&W

PS: Some answers to questions.
 Kitty, the North Island is on the tour, Yay!!!
 Claire, Seymour was named by Warren for No reason,
I like that he will "see more" than most stuffed ferrets, tee hee
Leisa, The little green clock on Facebook was a great find in a church op-shop in Timaru.
Thank you lovely sweet-peas for all your wonderful comments, if we get free Wi-Fi, I will pop into say Hi on your lovely blogs.
love v

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