Friday, September 28, 2012

Lots of inside days.......

Hello Sweet-peas we have had more coverage issues.
The last few days have been very wet and cold, this has meant lots of reading and quick walks when the weather breaks. Yay for the books we found at the Bookramma. I have been reading kiddies books from the 20's and 30's, lots of terribly good fun and all that!!!!
We are heading to my Ma & Pa's today at Sefton. 
Basil is off to the doctors for a bit of a tickle up before we start the big adventure to the North Island.
Looking forward to catching up with friends and family.

Love V&W


  1. I'm uber jealous at how rugged up you look. It's already hit 30 degrees here in Brissy, & it's still officially spring! Sweating in vintage isn't much fun! If you catchup with Helga make sure you remember to grab the package I gave to her. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Xx

  2. You look so cute with that old book - reading books sounds like a fabulous way to pass a few days.

    North Island? Will you be in Wellington soon?

  3. It's fine to have a bit of down time before the next leg of your trip, being cosy and reading sounds good to me! I chuckled at Basil having a tickle up - think I might need one of those myself!
    Have a lovely weekend, dear Miss V! xxxx

  4. Those old books look a delight to read - perfect for those rainy days!

  5. you are always so beautifully dressed- you must have a gift for packing! i also love children books - (enid blyton was my favourite - everything was just super and jolly) pics as ever are lovely x

  6. Poor old Basil, hope the Doc manages to sort him! Gilbert often needs to be threatened with a lump hammer when he's been disobedient!
    You both look wonderful, cosy and snuggly with your book stash! a great plan for a cold day! x

  7. I've had my comment rejected recently... so hope this one gets through; thinking that maybe I could get a peek at Basil passing through Ashley if I was on the ball :-) Great books: a NZ annual! and Alison Uttley. I love her sense of magic under the surface of the land and within creatures like Squirrel ! Just picked up a handful of old books at the Recycle Shop today. PS Made my first Etsy Sale !!!

  8. With such amazing scenery, I'd not mind staying in for a bit either :) Looking forward to more tales of adventures and wishing you both well.xx.

  9. Such beautiful pics again and I'm so envious of all those books.

    Nikki x