Tea please..........

Oh my gosh sweet-peas the weather here in Riverton is so crazy, all night we heard the rain and wind.
Then this morning a clear patch saw the sun out and we were excited to go to the beach and explore. Well.......
NO exploring for squirrels, the storm clouds were as black as the ace of spades, gale force winds, down pours and freezing cold.
What to do????
Well after a little op-shopping, will show you the treasure later.
How about tea in the kitchen at the holiday park......
Yes.... Tea is perfect on a yucky day.
Look at the wonderful kitchen at the camp, fabulous china, a wonderful dining table and best of all a cold range.
The owner of the Longwood Holiday park, Helen is just lovely and apart from the weather it is so nice here.

To all the poppets with wonderful blogs I follow, I am sorry I will only be commenting every so often. We have only limited data while traveling, but remember you are all fabulous and amazing.

love V&W

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