Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Buzz buzzing around in Basil..........

After a night in Kurow we travelled to Omarama, I wanted to show Warren the "Clay Cliffs".
I have been a few times on photographic expeditions and have been effected by the hunting beauty and airiness of a place that feels like it holds stories from the past.
Unfortunately the weather came in so stormy and it was horribly cold, wet and windy.
It was a case of running in snapping a few pics and get out before we got stuck there in Basil.
As you can see I look frozen, oh well another time.
Then it was a case of the weather chasing us, every stop we went to it came in, even snow flurries again. We have ended up in Fairlie, a few stops past in planned route.
It has paid off as today was just stunning. 
We have just been and had the most yummy wood-fired pizza at Poppa-G's here in Fairlie, after a two hour walk, just perfect.

Poppets we have been getting slammed with spam comments so we have been adjusting the settings,
just let us know if there is a problem commenting. 
Thank you for all the lovely comments about the trip, it has been wonderful to know you are traveling with us. Sending a very big furry squirrel hug, Basil Hug and Seymour Hug!!!!

Who's Seymour????


love V&W


  1. That looks like a hauntingly beautiful place but goodness, don't you look cold? You poor things! Thank goodness for pizza! Who is Seymour? xxx

  2. Oh YAY my test comment worked!! I've been trying-and failing- to comment on your blog for the last few posts, but now it seems okay!! Hope it gets warmer for you two soon.xx.

  3. That's so funny--I thought it looked a little like Utah, too! It's gorgeous. Stay warm!

  4. Wow what a haunting beautiful landscape - how those rocks just appear. Wow indeed!

  5. i've never seen such a cold squirrel! the cliffs are so beautiful, they look like they have absorbed some clouds....and seymour? oooh i'm curious x

  6. This place is breathtaking even if you did freeze your arses off getting these shots. You both are the epitome of going with the flow. I love following you and seeing where the road takes you next!

  7. You do look a bit cold, I'm not surprised you had to dash back to your squirrel nest! What beautiful cliffs though - they don't quite look real.

    Nikki x