Thursday, September 6, 2012

I lichen your mo.........

Hey sweet-peas we have moved to the other side of the southland coast.
The weather was just so stormy in Riverton we decided to go to the Catlins.
It is just beautiful with breathtaking beaches and amazing native bush. The bush is so rich and we have both been taken back by how lucky we are to have access to such beauty. We stayed last night at McLean Falls holiday park and got up early this morning to do the bush walk to the McLean Falls, wow they were so stunning and the power of the water pounding was so incredible.
Lunch was in the back of "Basil" in Owaka and then we had a walk round, we found the cutest wee shop called Aunty's Attic. I bought the most pretty wee dress for just $5.00, sadly I am to fat for it.
Tonight we are in Balclutha and I am excited to explore the town tomorrow.
Ok off to have a shave (tee hee) and put the PJs on.

love V&W


  1. There is a Salvation Army family store, and I think a Red Cross in Balclutha, and a good Salvation Army in Milton.

  2. How do you manage to look adorable with a green lichen moustache? It's a gift, Vanessa!
    Love seeing your photos, the bush and the waterfall and the beach are incredibly beautiful. So are you. And Warren ain't half bad either! xxxx

  3. The McLean Falls are amazing. The beach is paradisical. You're so pretty and lucky. Btw the green moustache suits you well!!!

  4. Oh I am loving your wonderful travel pics - thank you! I can't wait to come to NZ and explore the beautiful coastlines. You look as gorgeous as ever - even with a lichen moustache!! Happy happy :) Sarah xxx

  5. Haha too funny! And my, what a gorgeous sight that waterfall is!

  6. Such beautiful pictures! You're so cute and look like you're having the best time - I may be a wee bit jealous. Happy exploring.

    Nikki x

  7. Bwa-ha-ha - I lichen your pictures very much! Such overwhelming beauty...and the nature looks good too.

  8. i am so loving your adventures, you are always dressed so beautifully - how did you manage to pack so much into mr basil? x

  9. Beautiful! It brings back all sorts of memories from our South Island road trip a couple of years back. Ha ha although it was the middle of winter, the weather was pretty similar looking to that in your photos now. I really loved the South Island, definitely hope to do that trip again sometime (except with a baby in tow this time!).

  10. Bahahah! So adorable! It rather suits you,darling!
    O,the Caitlins are apparently divine! I think that was our American friend Mark's fave place in the South Island!
    Stay warm, and go easy with the razor!

  11. Don't eat that green stuff Vanessa!!! *lol*
    Gorgeous pictures I can only imagine how much fun the two of you are having riding around in Basil. I am sort of Jelous... =p