Sunday, September 9, 2012

Place's you wished you could own......

Another day of traveling today.....
The squirrels have moved to a lovely wee town called Lawrence, we had a great coffee and walked around looking at the many old historic buildings, feeling a tad sad about the ones lost in Christchurch. Oh my goodness we then found this fabulous gem, look at it. It is was built in the 1800's and was used as a school and community hall. The sign on the fence said that it was to be restored and to be used as a movie theatre, hurrah. But we want to live in it!!!!!
The squirrels were meant to be staying in Lawrence, but the holiday park was closed for winter, oh and 
apparently spring to......
 So back in the Basilnator we set off for Roxburgh. 
Thats were we are for tonight.

I wanted to show you sweet peas this fabulous scarf I found in an op-shop not long before we decided to go on tour. It's so handy, a map and I can wear it too...

love V&W

PS: Welcome to some lovely new sweet-peas who are following the squirrels, we have updated "The squirrels story" on the menu bar if you want to see what has brought us to this adventure.


  1. What a gorgeous place and how happy you look!!

  2. That place is heaven on earth! Helga sent me a souvenir New Zealand headscarf, I always get it out when you or she mention places so I can see where they are.
    Have fun, you gorgeous lady! x

  3. That building is gorgeous--and so is your outfit! What a wonderful journey you are taking. I hope I get to see New Zealand in person some day.

  4. sigh - such a beautiful house, in my dreams i long to live in an amazing place like that -i do love the scarf! but i always love everything you wear! x

  5. So beautiful place! I see journey is fantastic! Kisses

  6. Squee!That scarf is heavenly, and o,that building!!! Love it! Wouldn't that just be a perfect Squirrel abode?!

  7. What a wonderful building. I can just imagine your road-trip getting de-railed by some beauty like this (my parents got de-railed in Rangiora 50 years ago).
    And wearing your road map around your neck... that's very clever use of limited space.

  8. I'm loving watching your trip.. we did the same thing (with a tent though) in our old VW beetle for our honeymoon. It was SO good to see the rest of the country. And the op-shops!!!! It was glorious! I had to send some boxes home from time to time! lol

    Love those little towns so much.

  9. It looks absolutely gorgeous there!!
    And you look very pretty wearing your map. =)

  10. you look so sweet as usual! I think that building looks so interesting, I'm not surprised you want to live in it

  11. This place is so whimsical - I LOVE the South Island, so beautiful!

  12. Oh yes, that place has Squirrels written all over it, it's so beautiful!
    And how clever of you to have a wearable map for your travels, nice one! You always look so beautiful, Vanessa. xxxx

  13. Oh I love that building - it's so weather-beaten and looks like something from a film set or a model village or something. You look lovely and your scarf and brooch are fab.

    Nikki x