Monday, July 30, 2012

Waiting to pack.........

Lots of things happening here in squirrel land.
The last of the shop stock from the nest has gone to a new home, we have sold it to the most lovely and sweet person who has wonderful plans to open a new vintage shop in the future.

We had the most splendid night out with the truly fabulous Miss Helga and Mr G.
Gorgeous food, happy times and great company.

The cute wee cardigan and scarf are two recent op-shop finds which I just love.

We hope tomorrow to have conformation that the house is sold.
So lets hope we will be packing all these kitchen objects real soon.
Then what are the squirrels going to do???

love v

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Making a grey day blue..........

On Sunday we had the most wonderful afternoon, we had the most gorgeous afternoon tea with lovely
company and yummy food. It was a grey old day so it was nice to put on one of my favourite vintage dresses and a blue velvet coat. The blue enamel butterfly brooch I am wearing is my most precious brooch, it is from the 20's and is the same design as the tattoo I have. 
Happiness is a blue velvet coat,
a blue vintage dress,
and a blue butterfly.

love v

Monday, July 23, 2012

Monsters in the forrest.........

Waiting, waiting, waiting...........
This little squirrel is going mad and turning into a monster.
We are in a holding pattern while the house is under offer, it will go unconditional on the 31st and then it will be all go!!!! We will be packing up the nest of nuts and looking for a new tree.
So I made a start and took two big bags of treasure to the recycling shop. Unfortunately I brought some fabulous fabric, grrr things are meant to be leaving us. Oh you should see it though, so pretty. 
After we dropped off the bags we had lunch by the beach and went for a walk.
It was sunny but chilly, look at my red little nose.
As you can see the fresh air made me nutty......

love v

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ladies and gentleman take a seat.......

Well I have made a count of my jackets and coats.....
Yip I have one for every week in a year.....
This is my pride and joy. The most beautiful blue velvet 1950's opera coat
brought from save mart in Invercargill.
It was on hold behind the counter and I begged the lady to ring me if the lady didn't come back. I still remember the squeals of excitement when they called. Look at the bows on the sleeves!!!!
So sweet-peas I am so sorry for my lack of playtime with all your lovely blogs, but we have exciting news. The house is under offer and we are full steam ahead to move. Sorry I may be out of the picture till we get things sorted. I know that you will be all looking just gorgeous and being fabulous!!! Squirrel hugs....
Stay tuned for the new adventure....
Off to "coats anonymous" for treatment.

Love v

Friday, July 13, 2012

A little basket case........

Today I went to the Ohoka farmers market with my gorgeous friend Katherine, it was just lovely to relax and wander around buying yummy things. We had the most lovely playtime together.
Anyhow this is not me today but last week when I went to the market.
I have been enjoying "double dressing" inspired by the exquisitely talented Melanie, who does it in the most creative way. I am wearing a 80's shift dress with a peter pan collar, with a grey pinafore over top, it was so warm to wear. The grey wool coat is a favorite and so lends to a  wonderful question from the Vivacious Vix, How many coats does the squirrel own??????
Stay tuned my lovely sweet peas I will be making a confession in the next post. I suggest you may be able to use this answer any time you want to make a point with a loved one to justify a purchase.
Oopps I brought another basket at the Recycle Shop, they are on the "NO MORE BASKETS NESSIE" list. I am such a little rat squirrel.

Have a wonderful weekend.

love v 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Paisley and daisy........

The squirrels nest is on the market and we have already had a few people look through.
All the hard work seems to be paying off with lots of great comments.
Lets just hope it sells quickly and the squirrels can start a new adventure.
This is my favorite winter dress, the poor old girl is showing a lot of "vintage love" and before I wore her a few quick repairs had to be made. I just love needle cord fabric, its so soft and snuggly.
So a few weeks ago I finally got to "Dusty old Things" wee pop up shop and I brought a few old hair clips. The lovely Glennis then gifted me this fabulous 60's daisy clip, I was so delighted and thankful. 

Paisley and daisy

love v

Monday, July 9, 2012

Sunday escape for the squirrels.......

Winter picnic time.....
After days of grey, cold and rainy days the sun came out on Sunday.
The sky was beautiful blue and there was that lovely crisp feeling in the air.
We decided to pack the picnic basket and go for a drive.
On the way we stopped at a garage sale and I brought the two fabulous cookie tins, I just love the true  kiwiana piece with the little maori girl on it.
Stopping by a river was the perfect stop to eat and explore.
Yummy toasties and cookies.
Mr Warren wore the great sherlock style hat I found at the budget boutique a few weeks ago.
Look at those little squirrels with stuffed wee cheeks.
I hope all you sweet peas had a scrummy weekend

love v