Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Paisley and daisy........

The squirrels nest is on the market and we have already had a few people look through.
All the hard work seems to be paying off with lots of great comments.
Lets just hope it sells quickly and the squirrels can start a new adventure.
This is my favorite winter dress, the poor old girl is showing a lot of "vintage love" and before I wore her a few quick repairs had to be made. I just love needle cord fabric, its so soft and snuggly.
So a few weeks ago I finally got to "Dusty old Things" wee pop up shop and I brought a few old hair clips. The lovely Glennis then gifted me this fabulous 60's daisy clip, I was so delighted and thankful. 

Paisley and daisy

love v


  1. I love the delicious plasticness of the clip. Your dress is utterly divine, you need some romantic winter adventures in it xxx

  2. I would love to see a few interior pics of the Squirrels Nest before you sell it V, is that the same house you and Warren were photographed in Spaces in?

    And I can't sign off without mentioning that beautiful, shiny, perfect bob you're sporting. You look gorgeous x

  3. Dear V.

    Just giving you sweet thoughts about your Dad. I'm glad he's well enough to tolerate some therapy - it can be a slow and draining road to recovery after a stroke but am wiring you my love, happy thoughts and plenty of hope <3

    Am also very happy to hear all your hard work will pay off soon!

    Missing you and W heaps <3 The Pentax is going good :)
    Love, Suyi

  4. Oh you DO suit red, Vanessa! That dress looks gorgeous, and we don't mind evidence of a bit of "vintage love" round here (I think I fall into that category myself these days...) Such a pretty hairclip too.
    Good luck with the house sale. xxxxx

  5. You are gorgeous!! The red really suit you and that paisley print is wonderful!
    Great hair clip , I have to start hunting for some 60's plastic jewels too, they are enchanting! Good luck with the house!

  6. Fingers and toes and all teisty bits crossed for the right outcome!
    No matter what you wear you always look so polished. Beautiful as always.xx.

  7. Good luck in selling your home - good sign that people are at least coming around and looking. You look gorgeous in that dress - that red really suits you!

  8. That dress looks beautiful on you, as does the hair clip. I was side-tracked by your teddy bear in the chair and a cat with yarn hair. ;)

  9. What a rich and delicious dress, you radiant in red! The inside of your house looks charming! Sending positive vibes your way for a quick sale.

  10. Indeed, paisley and daisy are a winning combination. I'm so happy that others feel that love beat in your squirrel nest. Who wouldn't want the reminiscence of that? Good luck!

  11. paisley is awesome... and i adore this dress.

  12. You look lovely. That dress is so pretty. Good luck with the nest selling.

  13. You look so whimsical - I love the clip and the frock!

    I have actually been eyeing up a few patterns similar to this frock to sew - its such a charming style.

    Go luck with the sale of your wee nest!

  14. You look beautiful, miss V! I love peeping at your lovely home and love the rich red on you, so cosy and elegant at the same time. Your hair looks gorgeous, so glossy! wish I was pretty enough to wear a bob like you do! xxx

  15. Ooh I don't think I've seen you in red before - you look BEAUTIFUL! I adore this frock and your gorgeous smile too. And your furniture. Sarah xxx

  16. Oh my you look so stunning in that frock. What a lovely fit & divine fabric. Your hair looks so pretty with the wee clip. You know secretly between you & me I have missed your blog the most during my enforced computer hibernation. I am so happy that my internet is finally working again & I can catchup on all the Squirrely action. Xx