Monday, July 30, 2012

Waiting to pack.........

Lots of things happening here in squirrel land.
The last of the shop stock from the nest has gone to a new home, we have sold it to the most lovely and sweet person who has wonderful plans to open a new vintage shop in the future.

We had the most splendid night out with the truly fabulous Miss Helga and Mr G.
Gorgeous food, happy times and great company.

The cute wee cardigan and scarf are two recent op-shop finds which I just love.

We hope tomorrow to have conformation that the house is sold.
So lets hope we will be packing all these kitchen objects real soon.
Then what are the squirrels going to do???

love v


  1. GOD I MISS YOU SQUIRRELS ALREADY!! But as always, in awe of your frontier spirit and your beautiful positive outlook on life - you inspire us all xxx

  2. Oh Miss V, what a lovely kitchen you have. All your treasures are delightful and will definitely look spectacular in a new home - somewhere!!! Love your spots and stripes combo and your cardi and scarf too. All the very best to you both xxx

  3. Miss V! You truely have the kitchen of my dreams! I can't wait till we havve a house of our own to fill with treasures. I have fingers crossed for your house sale and wishing you all the best for your new adventures:)

  4. I love your house, so full of little treaures. HHurrah that everything is working out for you! Hugs! xx

  5. What gorgeous treasures you have, Vanessa, all waiting to be packed and moved - who knows where?
    I bet your night with Helga and G was fabulous - I can't believe no one took photos, I wanted to share the fun!
    A polka dot frock, Miss V? How unusual! You look adorable. Keep us posted on your plans, my dear. xxxxx

  6. What a happy post! Things are looking rosy! Your house is an absolute joy and your next home is going to be even better and I'm dying to see it with even more of your gorgeous lovelies!!! xxx

  7. Oh I just love all of your treasures, Miss V - and is that a tie rack as a utensil rack? How marvellous! You look just gorgeous and I have my fingers crossed that house settles with no probs so you can move on to your next wonderful adventure. Big hugs, Sarah xxx

  8. If you don’t know How to pack your things and materials you need to have a huge bag to do these things together and assure that the glasses are safe.

  9. Ah man how I long to have my own kitchen and house to make it has pretty and vintage like as yours!

  10. You and your kitchen are so adorable I just want to pack you up into my pocket so I can take you out when I'm feeling blue!
    I'd have a hard time leaving that kitchen behind!
    Today's the day!It's going to go swimmingly,and you two are going to be just splendid just being two travelling Squirrels!!!

  11. How exciting amor!
    You have such a cute kitchen!
    Hope you squirrels sort everything out soon.

  12. So so cute! Wow so you've sold up all your stock? I'm so incredibly curious to know what is next for this squirrel pair. Whatever it is I'm sure it'll be amazing :)

  13. Fingers crossed it all goes through without a hitch V and then you and Warren can move onto greener pastures x

  14. Ooh how exciting, I wonder if it feels weird not to have any stock after all this time? Mine is like a security blanket.xx.

  15. Your kitchen knick knacks and trifles are quivering with excitement about the big move. I'm so excited for you. I love your candy-cane legs with your everlasting gobstopper of a scarf and polka dots.

  16. Good luck with the confirmation for the house. I love your scales and your polka dot dress.

  17. i am in love with your kitchen, good luck with your move and your next adventure x

  18. What a beautiful kitchen! I'm very jealous. Love the spotty dress too - especially paired with the stripey tights. Good luck!

    Nikki x

  19. Dear Vanessa and Warren
    What a treat to meet you both yesterday!! Thank you so much for the encouragement about The Vintage Cupboard. It meant a lot to me :-)
    Christine xx