Monday, March 26, 2012

The handbags have spoken......

Hello Sweet-peas!!!
Oh what fun we had doing the draw for the "Squirrel Dapper Pack".
We poped the assigned numbers of each of you gorgeous poppets in a circle of handbags, then using my favorite parasol I spun around to pick the winner.
Hmmmmm who was it?????
We had a furry helper too, not a squirrel but weasel from next door.
Little rascal!!!!
I wore the lovely 1950's dress I brought last year from Vicki at "Follow the white rabbit" vintage sale, shhh she has had to wait as she is a little tight.

To see who has won, click here

love v

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The winds of change....

The wind last night was all crazy and mad!
This meant that the last of our fruit was blown of the trees, peaches everywhere. Its a shame as the bugs were already having a party in them.
I've been busy sewing pins on little bows and things I want to wear this winter. This silk velvet bow and button were off an old hat that was very badly moth damaged, I am pleased I saved the bow.
I wore it today with a crochet collar and my favourite knit cardy.
I think next weekend I will wake up my winter clothes from storage and pack away my summer pretties.

The seasons are changing

love v

Friday, March 23, 2012

Discovering something hidden.....

We got up early to go to the Ohoka Farmers market this morning, its such a lovely way to start the day buying things that are grown with love and care.
On the way home we saw a sign for the Flaxton historic cemetery, we both love to find old graves with the echoes of the past calling. This graveyard was in a paddock with sheep running around and this great old iron gate. There was sadness on the stones, in 1874 a family lost a 10 year old daughter, only to be followed by two teenage sons 20 days later. My heart seems to beat heavier in places like this as if to remind me that time is a luxury we sometimes forget is a gift each day. 
We were standing looking at the light in the massive oak tree and hidden behind one of the headstones was a very big furry hare. 

Run bunny run!

There are still 2 more days left to enter the 'Squirrel Dapper pack' draw!
To enter got to 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Who needs Camouflage when you got patchwork....

Just a wee bit of clowning around today!!!! Tee hee
I just love patchwork eiderdowns, especially when they use old 40's & 50's fabric.
 This in mind could I have not been more EXCITED when I found this amazing clown suit at the costume garage sale that I went to with Miss Helga on Sunday.
The fabrics are such a tease, they would make the most beautiful dresses.
Best day ever hanging out on a patchwork cover, covered in patchwork!!!!!

love v

yes please???

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My play date with Miss Helga.......

Sorry poppets I am so very behind with my posts.
This means you need to pretend it is last Friday and this is me so excited to go and have a play date with the truly fabulous Miss Helga.
As many of you know we went to the movies.
I had lunch with friends first so I wore the cardy and polka dot belt to that. The black knit bag was a present from Miss Helga and I pinned on the knit red rose.
A quick change and we went a little more glamorous for "My week with Marilyn", red ribbon around waist, red shoes, grandma's brooch, ring and evening purse both presents from Warren's mum.
Oh the silk velvet 40's black bolero was a present from Warren's lovely mum too.
The wool black cape with cream furry trim was taken but not worn it was just to hot.

love v

PS please have a wee peek at the "Squirrel Dapper Pack" giveaway and enter the draw to become a dapper wee squirrel.
 Its open to squirrels in other trees too ( that's squirrel talk for overseas)


Monday, March 19, 2012

A "Squirrel Dapper Pack" Giveaway.........

Ok before the excitiment of the "Squirrel dapper Pack"
Look at my cute "Red Shoes" I felt like a five year old today with them on, I just wanted to skip, jump in puddles and climb trees.
When I grow up I'm still going to wear red patent leather shoes.
So there......

Anyhow what is a "Squirrel Dapper Pack" I hear you all sing with glee.........
Well my super lovely poppets if you go to
and follow us there
you can go into
the draw
to win

nuts I tell you.....