Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hello....Winter,Weasel, nuts, and courage........

It has just decided to be so so cold and I fear I may have to unpack my winter clothes from hibernation early, way to early!!!!
Hello winter......
Like so many of you gorgeous sweet peas with blogs we too have the stage left pussycat in the photo shoot today.
 Hello Weasel.......
Now this handbag was in the 'Nest" for the 6 months we were open and I still can not believe it did not find a home. I deep down think because it had nuts and oak leaves on it, it wanted to be mine.
Hello new handbag.......
Since we are in the discovery mode, I found this old 70's tigers eye ring in my jewellery box. I have had it for years, I just loved it when I was a real retro girl wearing all 60's and 70's gear.
Tigers eye for courage, I've been feeling somewhat unsure about everything lately so.
Hello courage.....

love v


  1. You look lovely Vanessa! I love all the brown tones, and that ring is so beautiful! I am so excited for the online shop to open!

  2. love your scarf and cardy....l really want to wear beret's this winter so thanks for the inspiration...

    Leah x

  3. That bag is absolutely stunning and I adore your brooch. Tis much colder over there than here - I hope I am at least another three months from wearing beanies/berets!

    Uh oh... I feel a Helga/Mrs Slocomb moment coming on... something about loving your nuts and your pussy!

    You are such a darling - hang on to your lovely mister and just keep moving forward one step at a time. You will be ok.

    Sarah xxx

  4. You are getting closer to autumn and we are getting ready for spring, crazy.
    Love everything you are wearing, my dearest squirrel.

  5. You look so beautiful & serene in that first photo. It almost looks like a photo from a movie. I adore your brown boots & that bag is a beauty. I'm feeling a wee bit jealous as Summer just continues through Autumn for us in Queensland. I am longing to bring out the jackets & boots! Thinking of you with your big week ahead. Xx

  6. You have a real skill at pulling an outfit together. It screams Autumn. I'm jealous of that bag. It's all going to come together soon! xx

  7. You look like one of the girl's from the Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and you know how courageous they were in the end x

  8. I adore the ring and leather bag and the boots are just devine xxxx

  9. Ah your kitty is adorably cute. I'm glad your at least re-homing your bag!

  10. I love the bag and the brooch and that cardigan is fab. Great outfit. I always get excited when Autumn/Winter are on the horizon. I'm a cold weather girl at heart xx

  11. That warm chocolate brown really suits you, Miss V! You look beautiful and ready to face anything life throws at you. I adore that bag and brooch. xxx

  12. Lovely outfit - perfect for Autumn! Shame it's getting cold for you now though! The bag is FANTASTIC (I'd have snapped it up if I'd been able to visit the Ness) - it was worth the wait!
    Hope you find the courage you need x

  13. real 40s feels to that outfit - lovely

  14. I can't believe I didn't see that bag!! I will buy it off you!! Haha :(

  15. Love tigers eye,and I certainly eyed up that handbag a few times!! Having 4 or so tooled leather handbags already, I kept talking myself out of it!
    Beautiful pix, as usual!Warren is developing a great eye!

  16. Like the autumnal colours paired with white. Especially in front of the green background. Berets are always a good idea to complete an outfit. Have a nice time!