Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Climbing in trees and being a nut......

Thank you sweet peas for all the lovely wishes to feel better, it worked I am.
We both had a little cabin fever today, so we jumped in the car for a drive and lunch away from the house.
Along the way we stopped at a rest area and found a big old oak tree.
It was so cold and you can see very windy too.
This didn't stop a wee squirrel running up the tree.
It was so cold  Mr Warren was all rugged up too!
Show and tell, this is the yummy tooled leather wallet I got for the Shabby Chic market on Sunday.
Acorn from Big old oak tree.

love v 


  1. I love your bow and beret. Warren's duffle coat is great too.

  2. You look beautiful and warm! I actually thought that acorn was a brooch it looks plastic!! xx

  3. I thought it was a brooch too! You look windswept but happy - and your eyes look so clear and bright! Sarah xxx

  4. very cute! and weirdly looks a look like the UK, must be the grey skies xxx

  5. Oh it looks a tab windy! Being winter in the states i'm bored of wrapping up, I want to rid myself of my layers!

  6. His'n'hers berets - you adorable squirrels!
    Sometimes a windy walk is just what you need to blow the cobwebs away!
    Cute bow. And lovely purse too! xxx

  7. I'm glad you're starting to feel a bit better - and congratulations on your first sale! How exciting!

    D and I are hopefully coming over to NZ soonish - looking forward to seeing you both. xx

  8. You look such cheeky squirrels in the forest together! I have an identical hand knit hat to yours in green, it's my go-to windy day hat, too! x

  9. And you're wearing your new Shabby Chic brooch!
    O,what perfect Autumn pix!That amazing tree!
    Love that bow tie,so sweet,and I'm really getting into grey lately;that frock looks wonderful!
    So pleased you're feeling brighter!